Cleats are brushing through the turf, flags flying, black and white striped shirts chasing the action down the sidelines. The ball, thrown from the 20-yard line, soars through the air and lands securely in the receiver's hands. As he sprints towards the end zone, everyone on the opposing team rushes to rip his belt of flags from his waist. With no such luck from the defenders, he swiftly crosses into the end zone and slams the ball into the turf to begin a victory dance with his teammates. Exhilarating, right? Flag football is one of the many intramural sports offered at UNC Charlotte this fall, and here are a few reasons why you should sign up for an upcoming league. 

 While there are many ways to get involved at UNC Charlotte, many opportunities can be daunting to join. Intramurals are a great way for people of all athletic backgrounds to get involved, stay in shape, and make lifelong friendships. UNC Charlotte offers many different sports and levels of competitiveness with their intramural opportunities. I have been involved with flag football for two seasons. Entering the team, I knew one person out of ten, and I felt very anxious that my skill and knowledge level would not make the cut. The scariest feeling is wondering whether or not you are the person that the rest of the team complains about when you're not around. After one practice with my team, I felt right at home. My skill level was weak, but I was so excited to gain experience and get better at the sport while making great relationships with my teammates. The option to become a "free agent" is always available, allowing students who want to be involved but don't know anyone to join and get chosen for a team. Sign up for the league, tell a little about yourself, and get started!

This fall at the University, badminton, flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, 3-point contest, dunk contest and a tennis tournament are offered for students to get involved and stay in shape. Coordinator of Intramural Sports, Tina Bollers, and Assistant Director of Intramural Sports, Sophie Rattray, are great to answer any questions you may have and help you to get involved with the sport that is right for you. Each season, the sports change so that you can learn something new every semester! In addition, students can join a recreational team, which is geared towards individuals who don't quite have the skill level or knowledge of the sport. Intermediate, for those who have a little more skill and experience in the sport. Or competitive, for those who are ready to give their all and show their skills.

The program at UNC Charlotte is called IM Sports, and students can sign up for an account at any time. Once they sign up, they'll be able to find which sport, or sports, fit them best! Each league has different times and days available, so you will likely find a time that works for your schedule with ease. To consolidate the five reasons why intramural sports are a great opportunity for you, they are listed below:

  1. Make new friends!
  2. Stay in shape
  3. Learn more about specific sports
  4. Gain experience- so you can level up in future seasons!
  5. Get involved with Niner Pride!

Even if one sport isn't a great fit for you, knowing you had the confidence to go out and try something new is a win in itself. You may not enjoy flag football, but love volleyball! You could find a future roommate, best friend or partner. Don't let the opportunity pass you by. 

IM Sports webpage: About Intramurals | University Recreation (

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