Let's be honest; dressing up is not just for kids. College students love dressing up, too, though it is often on a budget. Whether you are opting for a group, couple or solo costume, here are some easy ideas. 


Group costumes

1. Disney princesses 

Dressing up as Disney princesses is a great option for a group costume. You can easily find options on Amazon for this. For example, Sleeping Beauty can include a pink skirt, a pink tank top and a sleep mask worn as a headband. Ariel can be a green skirt, a pink tank top and a red wig. There are so many ways to dress as these characters and have all your friends participate. 

2. Scooby Doo 

Dressing up as "Scooby Doo" characters is perfect for a group of four or five. Whoever dresses as Shaggy needs brown pants and a green tee shirt. Velma can sport a plaid skirt, orange turtleneck and knee-high socks. Daphne can wear a long-sleeved purple dress, a green scarf and tall white boots. Fred can wear blue pants, a white button-up shirt and an orange ascot. Finally, Scooby can get a dog onesie and either purchase or DIY the collar. 

3. Wizard of Oz 

Again, this is great for a four or five-person group. Gather Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and Toto for a fun evening.

4. Toy Story 

Go to infinity and beyond with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bo Peep. Woody and Jessie will need cowboy looks. Bo Peep can opt for frilly blues and pinks. Buzz can wear a white, green and purple combination. 

5. Mario characters

This could be taken in various ways depending on the characters you choose. However, the best options would be Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi and Bowser. 

Couple costumes

1. Clark Kent (Superman) and Lois Lane

For this look, Clark Kent can wear a Superman shirt with a white button-up on top. The white shirt should be unbuttoned to show the Superman logo. Top off this look with black pants and glasses. Lois Lane can wear a black skirt, white shirt, black heels and glasses.

2. Firefighter and Dalmatian 

3. Anakin and Padme

For this "Star Wars" look, Anakin will simply need brown Jedi-looking robes and a lightsaber. Padme will need white pants; a cropped; long-sleeved white shirt; white shoes and a sleek, low bun. 

4. Corona and Lime

Probably the most simple idea ever. Someone wears a Corona tee shirt, someone wears a tee shirt with a lime on it, and bam, one of the best duos: Corona with a lime.

5. Cookie Monster and a cookie

6. Cosmo and Wanda from "Fairly Odd Parents" 

7. Mike Wazowski and Sully from "Monsters Inc" 

General ideas

1. Zombie 

Get an oversized white tee shirt, rip it up and add fake blood to it. Add some dark eye makeup to complete your zombie look.

2. Bratz Doll

Get a pink or purple mini skirt and a white tank top. Iron on the Bratz logo to your shirt. 

3. Damian from "Mean Girls"

To be Damian, get a blue hoodie and black sunglasses. Then, on a piece of white paper, write, "She doesn't even go here." 

4. Tinkerbell

Get either a matching green skirt and tank top set or a green mini dress and a pair of wings. Then wear your hair in a bun and carry a small wand. 

5. Football player

Simply get a jersey and paint black lines under your eyes. 

6. Scarecrow 

Wear overalls or jeans with a flannel. The makeup is what is important for this look, so aim to get the mouth stitches and rosy cheeks. 

7. M&M 

This could be done with a group or individually. For whatever M&M color you want to be, get a tutu and shirt of the color and iron the M&M logo to the shirt.

8. Minion

To be a Minion, get overalls with a bright yellow shirt underneath. 

9. Cereal Killer

This one is a punny costume. All you need is a white tee shirt, fake blood and mini cereal boxes. Then, splatter the fake blood on the shirt and tape the small cereal boxes all over it.