To get the most out of the "college experience," students are expected to have a social life with extracurriculars while still maintaining good grades. There is no perfect way to find the answer to the seemingly impossible task of balancing coursework and extracurriculars, but here are some tips to keep a mindful and healthy balance: 

  1. Set up a Schedule 

Setting aside dedicated times during the week to study and do homework can help you allocate time for extracurriculars as schoolwork comes first.  

     2. Adequate rest 

Sleep is necessary for students to be prepared, refreshed and alert for anything the next day may bring, whether that is extracurriculars or course work. 

     3. Stay Hydrated 

Students who do not stay hydrated may face reduced mental function and learning ability in classes. This can lead to tiredness and fatigue. Staying hydrated combats these effects and gets students ready for their next activity through their long days.  

     4. Treat yourself

Even though it is important to strive for the perfect balance, it won't be close to being achievable if students stretch themselves too thin. Students should treat themselves to something that makes them happy, like a cup of coffee or a relaxation day, so they can conquer the balancing act. 


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