College is the perfect place to explore new interests and venture outside your comfort zone. If you enjoy being active and want to join a student organization, joining a sports team may be a good fit. There are three different levels of sports teams at UNC Charlotte: Varsity, Sports Clubs and Intramural. 


UNC Charlotte is a Division I school with 18 varsity men's and women's sports teams. To join a varsity sports team, you must be recruited or selected during tryouts. 

Sports clubs

Sports clubs are student-managed and are open to all currently enrolled students in good academic standing. These clubs are a good opportunity to keep up with a beloved sport or try a new one. There are three different categories of sports clubs: 

  • Competitive sports clubs, such as baseball and lacrosse, are part of a regional or national league or a governing body and compete against other schools. 
  • Instructional sports clubs, such as the Tae Kwon Do club, primarily serve the purpose of teaching a skill. 
  • Recreational sports clubs are not a part of any league or governing body, nor are they primarily instructional, such as the Lady Lifters club. 


Intramural sports are recreational sports organized within UNC Charlotte. They compete only against UNC Charlotte peer teams. Intramural sports are split into three divisions based on the skill level of the team:

  • The recreational division is geared toward beginners and focuses on enjoying exercise and the sport. 
  • Intermediate intramural sports are a step above; the season culminates with a single-elimination playoff to declare a winner. 
  • The competitive division is geared towards players with more experience in the given sport and culminates in a single-elimination playoff tournament.  

In order to join, check out RecFest, an event hosted by the University Recreation Center during the first week of the semester, where all the club and intramural sports teams advertise their organizations. This is a great time to talk to members and figure out which sport you want to pursue. If you cannot attend RecFest, you can peruse the different sports teams on Niner Engage.

No matter what division you choose, getting involved in sports on campus is a great way to get involved, try something new and have fun!