halloween ends photo

In the final installment of the trilogy, Laurie Strode and Michael Myers come face to face one last time. While I am not a big fan of the original "Halloween," I have greatly enjoyed the previous two entries. They have been wildly entertaining and felt like actual sequels, something that slasher films rarely do. So naturally, I was very excited for "Halloween Ends," and I am relieved to say that I had a blast during the whole runtime. However, I will definitely be in the minority for that, as the film takes many risks that many viewers will most likely not enjoy.

The film was heavily marketed as the big final showdown between Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael (James Jude Courtney), and while that is one of the best parts, there is an entire subplot that wasn't marketed at all. The subplot ends up taking up the majority of the first half's runtime and has led to many deeming it nearly unwatchable. I understand the sentiments and will not blame anyone for thinking so, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won't go into details because it wasn't marketed, but it was something new and different and I will always praise films for taking risks. The themes of grief, anger, despair and the passing down of those feelings are presented in an intriguing way.

Now it wouldn't be a fun "Halloween" film if there weren't some cool kills, and it definitely delivers on that. This trilogy has not held back at all, and this one is no different. It is incredibly gory and very inventive with its kills, making for some very shocking moments. The first scene sets the film's tone, showing just how far it is willing to go. But what I appreciated most is that all of the kills served the story and progressed the characters. None of them felt like the writers needed a scene to keep the audience interested.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the emotional connection I felt with the characters. I truly was invested in all of them, even during the slow parts. A lot of that connection is because it feels like a proper conclusion to a trilogy, as it builds upon what was laid out in the previous installments. Now, that isn't to say that everything worked out perfectly. There were still a few moments that I thought were somewhat lazy, and if they just took a little bit more time, they could have thought of a better idea. Those moments also left me with questions, as some things didn't make much sense. However, with films like this, you have to let things go and enjoy them for what they are.

"Halloween Ends" is not going to be for everybody. The Michael Myers scenes are undeniably fun, but the other subplot does not feature him a lot, which will turn many people off. However, I think it was a risky decision that paid off, as the film tried to do something new with a slasher film by focusing on deeper themes rather than just Myers killing people. Nevertheless, I left the theater very satisfied with the conclusion and can't wait to rewatch this trilogy.

Rating: 7/10