monster mash

Creating the perfect Halloween playlist can be tricky. It seems like if a song has something scary or to do with a monster, it belongs on the list. The following list contains songs that give off eerie vibes and focus on the holiday. Enjoy, and hopefully, you'll be able to have a really scary time. 

"This Is Halloween" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Being the most recognizable "The Nightmare Before Christmas" song, there is no doubt that this song makes it on the list. It gives light to holiday-associated creatures by making them actual monsters. The use of lines such as "pumpkins scream," "teeth ground sharp" and "fingers like snakes" gives you an idea of the fright one should experience here. This song has perspectives from shadows, clowns, eerie wind and other frights.

"Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Another Halloween classic, "Monster Mash," looks into a party full of monsters. Although we never know what this song is about, you can imagine how excited everyone was at this "party." This song makes the excitement evident by explaining how monsters come from all over to participate. Because of the subtle cues about whatever is taking place, this is a good choice for any Halloween playlist to make people think. 

"Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo

Although not the creepiest, it still gives a chill to anyone who listens. As a song about death, "Dead Man's Party" gives the perspective of someone who has died and is waiting for his invitation to the "party." They talk about how they're dressed up, possible reasons for death and how they are ready to go.

"What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?" By Matthew Gray Gubler

It is always a battle trying to pick your costume for Halloween. "What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?" gives you costume ideas. Things like a pumpkin and a witch are listed, but according to Matthew Gray Gubler, you can be anything as long as you scare your family with it.

"Spooky, Scary Skeletons" by Andrew Gold

As the title suggests, this song is dedicated to the ever-iconic skeletons. This song brings a mix of admiration and wariness regarding these holiday rulers. It discusses how they "shout startling, shrilly screams" while being misunderstood. This is an excellent song to play when you want to be playful and spooky at the same time. 

"Come Little Children" by Sarah Jessica Parker 

From the original "Hocus Pocus" soundtrack, the character Sarah Sanderson sings this tune to lure Salem's children in and give them a potion. The song tries to sound hopeful for children by promising them good things like playing and access to a land of enchantment. In the movie, Sarah is flying over Salem, adding to the feeling of helplessness about the whole situation from all parties involved. 

"Oogie Boogie's Song" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

This song brings up the last scare of the season. With the other major holiday in the film being Christmas, this song brings a balance of both celebrations. It leans towards the Halloween side, with the titular character being a more dominant figure, hushing Santa whenever he speaks. The splashes of Christmas come with Santa mentioning his role and how important it is. This is the perfect end for a Halloween playlist, as it still allows you to celebrate each holiday.