Parties are not everyone's cup of tea. Some of us would rather stay inside and maybe curl up with an actual cup of tea. Regardless of how you feel about parties, there is more than one way to celebrate the spookiest season. So dim the lights, get some friends together (or not) and try one of these options.

Watch a scary movie

This one almost goes without saying. Every October means an influx of new frightening films in addition to the classics. There are countless subgenres of scary movies, from slashers to psychological thrillers, and countless options for each one. The hardest part is just picking one.

Watch a not-scary movie

Halloween movies don't have to be scary to be seasonal. The horror genre has an odd habit of overlapping with comedy – a pairing that works shockingly well. My personal favorite is "What We Do in the Shadows," but there are plenty of others, like "Shaun of the Dead," "Cabin in the Woods" and "Happy Death Day."

In addition to intentional comedy, there is a simple pleasure to be had in so-bad-it-is-good movies, and the horror genre is a treasure trove of these gems. Sometimes an honest attempt to frighten the audience fails spectacularly, and this usually results in its own kind of quality entertainment.

Bake something

In my opinion, baking is a much more fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth than just gorging yourself on candy – though candy is not bad either. You can make and decorate some creepy cookies or cupcakes or stick to a fall classic like pumpkin pie or apple crisp.

Have a scary story-telling contest

This could be the time to exercise those creative muscles. Coming up with a scary story or taking the stage to tell one of your favorites is a great way to set the mood for Halloween.

Carve a pumpkin

This is one of those things that everyone associates with the fall season but plenty of people have never actually done it. Now is the time to try it out. Don't forget to save the seeds; you can season them and roast them in the oven.

Have a solo photoshoot

So, you got all dressed up in your most ghastly garments, but now you have nowhere to go. Fear not! You can always show off your costume with a photo shoot. This opens up opportunities you would not have with a regular costume party. For instance, you could wear multiple costumes and use lighting and background to set the stage.

If you aren't much of a party person like me, you can still enjoy Halloween from home. Hanging out with a few close friends or just getting cozy and watching a movie can be just as fun. If you do like parties, remember to be safe and have fun! The rest of us will be here getting our spook on and baking cookies. Happy Halloween!