Spoiler Alert: The following contains spoilers for the season eight finale of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

The hour-long season (and series) finale of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has aired, and I can honestly say that this ending could not have been better. I think it gives all the characters the right amount of closure and leaves some hope for the future, which is all that any viewer could ask for in a TV show, especially one eight seasons long.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is one of the only TV shows that I have been able to watch in its entirety. The episodes are short and snappy, the themes are well thought out, and the jokes match my sense of humor. Some of the other TV series that I have finished were thoroughly disappointing in the end, like “Game of Thrones” and “How I Met Your Mother.” (Disclaimer: this is my opinion, and I will not argue with anyone.)

I have trouble sitting through shows with more than five seasons, and I have started many series only to drop them after a few seasons and never pick them back up. Some of these include “Arrow,” “Reign,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Bones” and “Gossip Girl.” I liked most of these shows when I watched them, but I lost the motivation to keep watching.

So while I still do not want to continue these TV series any time soon, I can easily see myself rewatching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” because it is so enjoyable. So here is my review of the ninth and final episode of season eight: “The Last Day.”

At the end of episode eight, we find out that Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and Sergeant Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) have been appointed as the deputy commissioner and chief of the NYPD reform program, respectively.

The squad hosts one final heist for a fake Medal of Valor to celebrate Holt and Amy’s last day at the 99th precinct. In “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” the heist is a recurring competition, usually during Halloween, where everyone tries to outsmart one another and be in possession of a specific item at the end of the night. Whoever wins the heist gets the title of the best detective/genius in the Nine-Nine.

What most of the other characters do not know, however, is that Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) plans to leave the Nine-Nine and be a stay-at-home father to Mac. He wants to reveal it at the end of the heist and have the perfect goodbye. Unfortunately, his plan for a perfect goodbye ultimately falls through when Amy and Holt try to have their perfect goodbyes too.

The heist is meant to recall the crew’s adventures and cases over the past eight years, and we get to see several familiar faces return one more time in this episode: Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas), Teddy Wells (Kyle Bornheimer), Bill Hummertrout (Winston Story) and, of course, Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti). The characters make references to older episodes, and some even break the fourth wall.

There are also two special guest appearances in this episode: the janitor of the precinct is played by Dan Goor, one of the writers of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and Andy Samberg’s wife Joanna Newsom plays a cellist who appears near the climax of the episode.

Jake and the rest of the Nine-Nine split into teams, but they double-cross and triple-cross one another. The number of betrayals and plot twists in this episode are confusing and hilarious to watch, and I fall for them every time.

Everyone enjoys their last night together at the precinct; they say their goodbyes and last words in the show. Though it is sad, we can tell that the cast meant everything they said in character. Jake has finally learned how to grow up, and this episode is the best way to show just how far the squad has come since the pilot episode.

Just when we think the episode is over, there is a one-year time skip where Jake, Amy, Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz), Holt and Gina return to the precinct for yet another heist. The characters are still present in each other’s lives, and I love that the show included this time skip. We leave the show hoping that the Nine-Nine will stick together and the series can live on.

For anyone who wants a funny and lighthearted show to watch in between their classes, I strongly recommend “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” This last season built up to its full potential and culminated in one of the most satisfying endings I have ever watched. I could give so many reasons why this show is one of my favorites, and the finale is now one of those reasons. Go nine-nine!

Rating: 10/10 (or should I say 9/9) 

If you have not seen the latest season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” you can read the reviews for episodes 1-4 and episodes 5-8 here.

B-N-N final season

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