the boys season 3 photo

Everybody's favorite superhero fighting group is back with even more blood, profanity and nudity for season three. While the Boys are still trying to take down Vought Entertainment and Homelander, a superhero from the past throws a wrench in everything. I am much more of a movie watcher than a TV show watcher, but "The Boys" has had me hooked from the beginning. The show's premise is fantastic, as all superheroes are celebrities and incredibly corrupt, just wanting to get better ratings from their audience.

The concept might be my favorite thing about the show, as it is an excellent contrast to the overabundance of superhero movies that have been coming out in the past 15 years. If superheroes actually existed, it would be much more likely that they would act like they do in "The Boys," rather than being actual heroes that we're used to seeing. They would certainly be more concerned about being loved and well-received as well as willing to murder and do whatever they want.

To call "The Boys" graphic would be an understatement. The show holds absolutely no punches back, and that is clear within the first 15 minutes of this new season. Whether it's excessive nudity or a ridiculous amount of blood and carnage, you are guaranteed to see some messed-up stuff multiple times an episode. While for most of those scenes, it's pretty easy to digest because it is so over the top, something insanely gross or disturbing will happen every now and then that will leave me with my mouth hanging wide open.

Thankfully, the show doesn't rely on its graphic nature to make it good and keep people coming back. Instead, the incredible characters make the show fantastic, and everything else is just pure entertainment value. Every member of The Boys is well thought out and given amazing development where every emotional scene hits exactly as it's supposed to. While I would still call Butcher the best character on the show because of how he teeters the line between good and bad, all of the superhero fighters come very close.

It is impossible to talk about characters on the show without mentioning Homelander, the main superhero villain played perfectly by Antony Starr. He steals every scene he's in because of how crazy the character is and the fact that you never know what he will do next. You can tell just by looking in his eyes that he is a depraved lunatic willing to kill anybody who stands in his way. It is so much fun to watch him trying to do everything in his power to get things his way and see how he reacts when the opposite happens.

Season three of "The Boys" found a way to up the ante in every aspect of the show. The violence is even more graphic, nudity is more in your face and there's still nonstop profanity. Even more important is that they continued to develop their characters and made them all extremely likable despite their flaws, which is a sign of fantastic writing. The new characters, specifically Soldier Boy, are also great additions to the cast and fit in perfectly. Terrific satire with twists and reveals at every turn makes this another great season and proves that "The Boys" is one of the best TV shows running right now.

Rating: 9/10