Who does not look forward to their morning coffee? But the places to stop for coffee are endless and overwhelming. We all understand the need to stay on a budget, but that does not mean we must sacrifice taste. While considering where to go for a fast iced coffee fix, I realized I had no definitive answer and knew what had to be done. Iced coffee drinkers everywhere, rejoice! You don't have to wonder any longer.

No. 6: Wendy's

I ordered a small iced coffee for $1.79. While the price was reasonable, and there were five different coffee options, the taste was so poor that it came in last place. 

Overall impression: Wendy's has a lot of room for improvement in taste, price and variety. In future tastings, I hope for more authentic tasting coffee, better prices and a wider variety of drinks to choose from. 

No. 5: Chick-Fil-A

I ordered a regular vanilla iced coffee for $2.95. Unfortunately, Chick-Fil-A presented only three coffee options, but the taste was good enough to consider returning if I had a gift card. 

Overall impression: Chick-Fil-A has good iced coffee, but prices are higher than most. A lack of variety lends to the poor rating, while the decent taste saves it from last.

No. 4: Bojangles

Unfortunately, Bojangles does not have an iced coffee option on its menu. So, I tried their small hot coffee instead (their only coffee option) and was pleasantly surprised with the taste. In addition, the drink was priced at a very reasonable $1.29, another point in their favor.

Overall impression: While Bojangles coffee tasted surprisingly good, they offer only one type of coffee—hot, a crime to iced-coffee lovers everywhere. 

Tied for No. 3: Taco Bell

Once I got my regular-sized iced coffee from Taco Bell, I was surprised to see how large it was for only $1.79. Unfortunately, the taste was not great, as the sickly sweet syrup left an aftertaste in my mouth. Although, those with a morning sweet tooth will likely love this drink. 

Overall impression: Taco Bell boasts great prices but has limited variety, with only three total coffee options. Additionally, the taste is artificial and overly sweet.  

Tied for No. 3: Jack In The Box

I ordered a regular vanilla sweet cream iced coffee, which was the most expensive drink of the day at $3.19. However, since they had six different coffee options and one of the best-tasting of the day, they still ranked alright.

Overall impression: With great taste and decent variety, Jack In The Box should work on improving their prices or offering daily coupons like Mcdonald's to make themselves more fiscally competitive.

No. 2: Burger King 

Burger King was just shy of being crowned the king of this competition. With a small vanilla iced coffee for only $1.69 and solid variety and taste, I was happy and refreshed once I had this drink. 

Overall impression: Decent in price and much better in flavor, it was a close contender to Mcdonald's. However, with a little increase in variety, Burger King could rise to the top in future rankings.

No. 1: McDonald's

At McDonald's, I ordered a large iced caramel coffee for an amazing price of only $0.99 (available with the everyday coffee coupon McDonald's offers through their mobile app). While the taste left much to be desired, the over 20 different coffee options helped push them to the top. 

Overall impression: Though the iced coffee was poorly mixed and sips alternated between straight caramel and watery pseudo-coffee, the super low prices and large variety put McDonald's to the top. Any individual could find a coffee they enjoy at McDonald's. 

iced coffee pic