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“Confetti” is the sixth album by British girl group Little Mix. The band was formed in 2011 during the eighth series of the “X-Factor” with Simon Cowell. The members of Little Mix include Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirwall, Jesy Nelson, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. The group’s debut album “DNA,” was released in 2012 and made Little Mix the first girl group since the Pussycat Dolls to reach the U.S. top five with their debut album. Throughout the years, Little Mix has had several hit singles including “Wings,"  “Black Magic,” “Shoutout to My Ex,” and “Woman Like Me.” 

Through their pop style, Little Mix focuses heavily on female empowerment and evoking confidence. Little Mix puts out uplifting music that is usually age-appropriate. However, the group has received some criticism in regard to “racy” lyrics for their young fans in their new “Confetti” album. The band has defended themselves though, explaining that they are mature and not young anymore. It seems as if Little Mix may be facing a struggle that many other artists have faced throughout their careers as well. That struggle is growing up and also maturing their music with them when fans don’t realize that their beloved band members are not young anymore. 

This album may be a turning point for Little Mix. A common theme in this album is that the songs seem to tell a story. Released by RCA Records, the album was preceded by three singles: “Break Up Song,” “Holiday” and “Sweet Melody.” While the “Confetti” album still captures their famous dance pop-style, the album also seems to showcase more creative freedom and power. Their song “Happiness” seems to be one of the more lyrically mature songs in the album and sounds like a mature adult coming to terms with their chaotic past and youth. These lyrics from “Happiness” indicate this: "I was searching for happiness / I was using you to fill up my loneliness / Realized from the moment I set you free / I found the love, I found the love in me / You can't rain on my happiness.”

“Sweet Melody” is another song in this album that showcases Little Mix’s newfound maturity in their music. “Sweet Melody” was the third song released from the album. 

Though it has not received a lot of attention, “Gloves Up” is one of the more catchy songs on the album. “Gloves Up” is an empowering song and focuses on finding strength within yourself and knowing your worth, “I, I got my eyes on the prize / Fight 'til the day that I die / Can't knock me down and that's why (You can't knock me down).”

The album cover song, “Confetti,” is the fourth song of the album. It definitely also encompasses the more mature vibe of this Little Mix album. There is not an official music video out for “Confetti.” In “Confetti” especially, the autotune was almost overpowering. The girls in Little Mix have such beautiful voices and so it was a shame how much autotune was used in this album. I think it took away from the songs quite a bit. 

Overall, I enjoyed the Little Mix album because even though the songs are more mature we are still given the fun and uplifting style we love from this band. I just don’t know if I see any of the songs from this album having a huge success rate as some of the band’s previous songs have. The songs are upbeat and fun but most of them (save for a few) are not necessarily songs that will stick with you for a long time after listening to them. Most of the songs on the album are a fairly short length which is nice as they don’t drone on and on. However, excessive autotune was quite disappointing and created too much of an artificial sound. I hope to see more from Little Mix in the future but hope that one day we can hear more of a natural sound and style.


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