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Following New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's announcement that Broadway is cancelling performances starting on March 12, theater patrons and art institutions across the globe are left wondering how to respond to coronavirus. How are Charlotte's arts institutions responding? Here is what we know so far. 

Blumenthal Performing Arts posted on Twitter that they've "had a few shows postpone their upcoming performances at our venues." While a broad statement has not been made, a full list of events cancelled or postponed that used CarolinaTix as a ticketing system is available via a link on their website. Postponed events include "VHS Live!" originally scheduled for March 27, "An Evening with The Cousteaus" scheduled for March 17, "National Geographic Live: Into the Arctic Kingdom with Florian Schulz" scheduled for March 24, "CMS Foundation Teacher Talks" on Oct 26, and Ronan Farrow's event scheduled for March 28. Cancelled events include "Making The Band" scheduled for March 13 and 14, and the NCTC Middle School Play Festival set for March 27 - 28. Niner Times is monitoring the situation.

Actor's Theatre of Charlotte's website states that the company is "taking a 30-day hold on all events, including upcoming fundraising events and performances." Their performance of "One Man, Two Guvnors" was set to open on March 26 and run through May 6. It is now projected to open on April 30. According to their Facebook page, all Flex Pass holders and single ticket holders will receive an email regarding the play.

Theater Charlotte is set to open "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on March 20 to run through April 5. Its website currently states, "For your safety, we are taking extra care with our professional cleanings between each performance with additional sanitizing of surfaces, handles, handrails, etc. We are stocking our restrooms with plenty of soap and working to secure additional supplies such as hand sanitizer. We encourage our community to stay informed and follow all CDC guidelines. If you are a member of a defined 'at risk' population or show any signs or symptoms that fit the criteria of COVID-19, we recommend for you to remain at home and call us at 704-376-3777 for information regarding your tickets." A meeting regarding postponement and cancellations will be held on March 12. An announcement will be made March 12 or 13. 

The Charlotte Symphony announced on twitter that "all concerts are continuing as scheduled." This includes their screening of "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" set for March 13 and 14. 

The Charlotte Ballet is scheduled to open "Sleeping Beauty" on March 13 and run through March 22. Discussions regarding the potential for cancellations are in progress. An announcement will be made during the evening of March 12 or the morning of March 13.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Department of Dance is cancelling their Spring Dance Concert. It was originally slated to occur March 19 - 22. 

The Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine Gallery Reception scheduled for March 19 has been cancelled. The Magazine will still be printed. Distribution options are still being determined. 

The Niner Times is monitoring the situation. This article will be continuously updated. 

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