Kevin Powers

Charlotte student Kevin Powers has hit the music industry hard. Alongside him is his producer Whit Kane, who plays football for UNC Charlotte. Both Kevin and Whit hold numerous amounts of talent, and they are ready to show the world their skill.

Powers has been working on his music for the last two years and has grown in popularity tremendously. Having been inspired by artists such as Drake and Bryson Tiller, he got to work on his music. His music falls under the category of pop rap.

The balance of being a student while also a songwriter and musician are not easy, but Powers makes it work. With classes being online due to the pandemic, it has definitely made things a little easier, especially with traveling to Los Angeles.

Going out to Los Angeles to film and produce music videos has been such a surreal experience for Powers and Kane. "It is such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by creative people who have big goals too," said Powers. To him, being in the music industry is such a comfortable feeling.

Kane Is not only Powers' producer, but he is also his best friend. They both went to the same high school back in Wake Forest, NC, so they have a strong bond and thick chemistry, which helps their music process run smoothly.

Only staying on the east coast his whole life, Kane is experiencing a whole new livelihood down in L.A. "Once you are there, it is a crazy feeling. It doesn't even seem like work because we are having so much fun," said Kane.

Although it is a great deal of fun, it takes an immense amount of hard work and dedication to get the ball rolling. The boys are putting in 40 plus hours a week into doing it right. It is a full-time job that involves songwriting, filming and producing. Plus, there is a whole behind-the-scenes that involves the texts, calls, and emails of pulling it all off.

Coming up with the songs alone is a whole process. Powers takes any lines that run through his head and writes it all down. He then begins piecing it all together like a puzzle until it feels right. Kane helps bounce ideas off Powers to help him write the lyrics and make the beats.

Powers has a team behind him that helps him accomplish his goals. Along with Kane, who helps him produce, Powers has a manager Armin who is a Los Angeles resident. Armin helps set everything up, find the networking, and get the promotions. Together as a team, they have been on fire.

Powers has been generating pretty popular songs. His latest singles include "Walked In," "Punchline," "How You Been?" and "Roddy," which just came out less than a week ago. There are also music videos along with the songs.

The music video for "Walked In" has over 330 thousand views, while Punchline's video has over 100 thousand. That music video also features Tanner Fox, a YouTuber with 10.5 million subscribers. "Walked In" has been a pretty big hit as it has more than 3.5 million streams on Spotify. Overall, Powers has over 155 thousand listeners on Spotify.

With more and more viewers tuning in daily, the pressure is on to continue making great music. Powers hopes to have a mixtape out this summer and plans to have plenty of music on the way. Many things are in store with this up-and-coming artist.

With Powers only being 19, there is still a long road ahead of him in the music industry. He is excited about what is to come in his career. So far, his favorite moment has been having people know all the lyrics to his songs. Having people support him, and his music has been the coolest experience.

Both Powers and Kane hope to inspire others who want to chase their dreams like they are doing. Powers' four best tips include "not being afraid to take risks, don't care what other people think in terms of the haters, make sure to put yourself out there and above all else be confident." On the other hand, "self-awareness is key. Know your talent and worth," said Kane.

Keep on the lookout for these guys as they have a lot to offer and some incredible music on the way in 2021.

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