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“Star Wars: Squadrons” is the latest “Star Wars” game from “EA” and “Motive." It is set after the events of “Return of the Jedi," telling the story of two pilots on opposite sides of the galactic civil war. The game also comes with two multiplayer modes, dogfight and fleet battles. This is the fourth “Star Wars” game released under “EA” since they took over as the primary publisher and developer of “Star Wars” games in 2013, and the reception has been very up and down. The first “Star Wars Battlefront” left fans wanting more and the second had a disastrous launch. However, they found major success with last year's “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” and “EA” fans are hoping to capitalize on that success with this next release. 

Both the multiplayer and campaign are completely focused on piloting. There are only brief moments in between missions during the campaign where you are outside of a ship. The campaign itself is 14 missions and roughly 7-10 hours, which is perfect as it can be somewhat redundant and repetitive. The story is essentially focused on the New Republic making a new project while the Empire is trying to figure out what it is. It should be treated as just a long tutorial for the multiplayer, which is what the game is really about. The campaign’s purpose is to make the player familiar with the controls and it can be overwhelming at the start. Every button on a controller is used and it will take a while to learn the right movements, when to shift power to other sources and understand the importance of each ship. These are critical to know before playing multiplayer. Once you have finished a few missions of the campaign, if not completed all of them, then you will most likely be ready for the multiplayer.

Since the game is primarily focused on the multiplayer, it is a huge relief that it is where the game shines. It is a bit of a disappointment that there are only two modes, but with a $40 price tag, I am not too upset about it. As mentioned before, the two modes are dogfight and fleet battles. Dogfight is a five versus five team death match style to 30 kills. It is extremely fast paced, exhilarating and is a true testament to your piloting skills. Fleet battles, however, are a much longer and more strategic fight as your team attempts to destroy your opponent’s capital ships and flagship. It is somewhat similar to ‘Supremacy’ mode in “Star Wars Battlefront 2,” as there are different levels to the mode and it could take 30 minutes to complete. There are still only five players per team, which I think is a mistake. The mode, being as big as it is, needs more players to not only make the game go faster, but to make it more exciting and hectic as well. Both modes are a lot of fun for both the casual players and those that want to excel at the gameplay. 

The best part of this game is the VR inclusion. It is incredibly well done and the immersion of being in a cockpit is fantastic. Every “Star Wars” fan has dreamt of flying in space and the game delivered that dream beautifully. “Star Wars” in VR is something we will definitely see more of as it is perfect for that. Every fan wants to be in the “Star Wars” universe and this is the best way to do it as not everybody can afford to go to Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World. If you have a VR headset, then this game is most definitely worth trying out. 

Since the game is still in launch mode, there are some bugs and glitches that I have discovered, but they are constantly patching them. As far as I can tell, there are no plans at the moment to add future updates to the game, which is disappointing. A game like this cannot necessarily sustain life for more than a year without new content and there are plenty of possibilities to add to the game. Nonetheless, “Star Wars Squadrons” is a worthy “Star Wars” game that will appeal to many people and has a lot of potential to improve upon itself. 

Watch the “Star Wars Squadrons” trailer here

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