“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” – Nov. 4 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

After what was probably the most disappointing “Call of Duty” game with “COD: Ghosts,” Infinity Ward looks to make a comeback with its newest FPS. Bringing along the jet-pack based movement system we got in the last two games, “Infinite Warfare” also features new combat sequences set in space during the game’s campaign. Similar to Kevin Spacey in Advanced Warfare, this year’s campaign brings along another iconic actor with Kit Harington set to play the game’s main antagonist, Rear Admiral Salen Kotch. The widely popular multiplayer mode also returns with new gun variants and combat rigs, which offer different abilities depending on the one you choose. Infinity Ward also introduces their own lighter take on the addicting “COD” Zombies mode set in the 80’s at an abandoned theme park. For those who shell out the extra $20 for the legacy edition, you will also receive “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered” which features the same stellar campaign and multiplayer that launched the “COD” craze, all remastered for today’s standards. Players will be able to brave the expanse of space when “Infinite Warfare” launches on Nov. 4.

“Dishonored 2” – Nov.11 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Fifteen years have passed since the events of the first “Dishonored” game and we see an older Emily Baldwin, who is looking to take her rightful place back on the throne. You have the choice of playing as Emily’s bodyguard and the main protagonist of the last game, Corvo, or to play as Emily; both offer their own distinct abilities for players. The game-play is focused around being stealthy and you can choose to take more violent options against enemies or go the entire game without killing a single soul. “Dishonored 2” is set to impress returning fans and new on Nov. 11.

“Watch Dogs 2” – Nov.15 for PS4 and Xbox One and Nov. 29 for PC

The next entry in the “Watch Dogs” franchise features a different main protagonist, as well as a new setting in San Francisco which is supposed to be twice the size of Chicago from the original game. The open world game follows the adventures of a hacking vigilante named Marcus Holloway who fights to stop the ctOS which connects every person and piece of technology in San Francisco, with hidden and malicious intent. The game also features parkour this time around, similar to Ubisoft’s other franchise “Assassins Creed,” which helps to traverse the city a bit faster when not driving a vehicle. Players can try the new mechanics for themselves when “Watch Dogs 2” releases for PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 15 and PC on Nov. 29.

“Pokémon Sun and Moon” – Nov. 18 for 3DS

“Pokémon Sun and Moon” officially begins Generation VII of the “Pokémon” series and has players explore the Hawaii inspired region of Alola. The two games feature different Pokémon along with their respective legendary (Bringing the total number of Pokémon to a whopping 765), as well as “Pokémon Sun” following your 3DS’s clock where “Pokémon Moon” is set 12 hours ahead of your 3DS clock. Both games bring new features including Z-moves that are powerful attacks which can be used once a battle for a single Pokémon. Some Pokémon from earlier gens will also have different forms in the game, called their Alola form which changes their appearance, type and abilities. Instead of following the typical eight gym structure, players will instead take part in trials on four islands that include battles, finding items and testing your knowledge of Pokémon. The bad guys this time around are known as Team Skull, who look like wannabe gangsters from what I played of the demo and their motives have not yet been revealed. After a huge interest was sparked from “Pokémon Go,” players can jump back into the world of “Pokémon” when “Pokémon Sun and Moon” release on Nov. 18.

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