Warning: Spoilers for “Bibo,” “Dangerous Business” and prior episodes of “Star Wars Resistance” follow.

While I have enjoyed “Star Wars Resistance” so far, it hasn’t yet completely enamored me. That said, throughout the mid-season break I did find myself missing the weekly escape to Castilon along with Kaz (Christopher Sean) and company. These two episodes quickly put me back into the swing of things and were a solid kickoff to the start of the latter half of the season.


One thing that the series has done really well so far is highlighting other characters alongside series’ protagonist Kaz. This week’s episode narrows in on the quirky yet always positive, Neeku (Josh Brener), who finds himself a new pet, Bibo (Bob Bergen), brought in from one of Synara’s (Nazneen Contractor) scavenging runs. Very quickly it becomes apparent that Bibo is more of a nuisance than a new best friend for the Fireball crew with Kaz, Tam (Suzie McGrath), Bucket (Himself) and Yeager (Scott Lawrence) expressing their distaste rather quickly. Kaz escapes the madness by joining Synara on one of her scavenging runs to look for a part for the Fireball, though their trip is soon cut short once a giant sea creature passes beneath them heading towards the Colosuss.

Synara continues her double life as a spy for her pirate crew, drawing a close parallel to Kaz with him and the Resistance. The two’s dynamic gets explored a bit here when Synara attempts to pry a bit more at Kaz’s own past. Back on the Colossus, Neeku and Tam go on a hunt for Bibo after he runs away where they end up finding him in the engineering sector with the returning shell-folk and the two orphans, Kel (Antony Del Rio) and Eila (Nikki SooHoo). Eila warns of a monster coming to the station for Bibo, saying that she saw the vision in her dreams. Of course, this reeks of her being Force-sensitive and would explain why the First Order was so desperate to find the two refugees (besides the fact that they were witnesses to their planet’s mass genocide). Right on cue, the giant monster arrives in search of Bibo, which Tam theorizes him to be the creature’s prey.

It is rather obvious from a viewer’s perspective that Bibo is actually the child of this creature, though thankfully, Neeku figures this out on his own. Captain Doza (Jason Hightower) scrambles the Aces to intercept the giant sea behemoth with Kaz joining in once he sees they need as much help as they can get. This is a shift in the right direction for the series’ protagonist as Kaz finally shows just how competent he can be behind a flight stick. He rescues former Imperial pilot Griff (Stephen Stanton) — who I hope we learn more about later down the line — and is given trust by the Aces when he asks for them to call off the attack on Neeku’s request. I hope this is something for Kaz that continues moving on since it really shows just how compelling he can be when he isn’t acting like a goofball most of the time.

From the episode guide on StarWars.com, it is revealed that the species of Bibo and his parent is called rokkna. Gigantic creatures are no stranger to “Star Wars,” with the Zillo Beast enacting his King Kong-like destruction on Coruscant in “The Clone Wars,” as well as on a bit smaller scale with the monstrous aquatic life with the submarine voyage of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Jar Jar Binks in “The Phantom Menace.” The adult rokkna’s roar is reminiscent of Godzilla, and visually, it looks stunning in the art style with its darker blue and green colors popping in contrast to Castilon’s bright blue ocean. There are also some stunning shots that demonstrate its difference in size compared to the Colossus and its residents, which again highlights just how well this art style works. Neeku ends up returning Bibo to its parent after a heartfelt goodbye, though I get the feeling Bibo and its guardian will come up again later in the season.

While it does not dive too deeply into the First Order plot, this episode certainly carries on other related strings like Kaz and Synara’s relationship as well as further develops Neeku as more than comedic support. I don’t want to skim over the shocking scene at the end of the episode where Kaz offers a gorg as a pet to Neeku to ease the pain of having to give up Bibo, which Neeku then devours whole in a matter of seconds. I am not sure if I perceive Neeku more as a crazed lunatic rather than a happy-go-lucky sidekick to Kaz, but nevertheless, it was a weirdly grim yet heart-warming moment between the two friends.

“Dangerous Business”

The beginning of “Dangerous Business” starts off strong by carrying along Kaz’s growth not just a spy, but a mechanic as well. Impressing Tam, Neeku and Yeager, Kaz adds much-needed parts to the Fireball without screwing it up majorly as well. He managed to get the parts from Flix (Jim Rash) and Orka’s (Bobby Moynihan) shop in exchange for running the shop while the two are away for the day. Kaz and BB-8 run the shop without much trouble — minus pain caused by Flix and Orka’s pet gorg Bitey — until a shady character, Teroj Kee (John Ennis), claiming to be from the mining guild comes in.

Unable to get a rare phase connector from Kaz, Teroj settles for some random junk which he demands Kaz hand deliver. Kaz accepts and ends up getting himself locked in a storage container which is about to be dropped to the bottom of the ocean. While Kaz works on getting out, BB-8 gets his time to shine once Teroj arrives to steal the phase connector from the shop. The resulting sequence is a fun defense put up by BB-8 involving some shocking, cute beeps and a wrecking ball-like move in which the droid attaches his cable to the ceiling and swings himself at the intruder. The animation and choreography of this scene are excellent, and the animators have just done a splendid job at capturing the same magic for BB-8 in the show that he has in the films as well.

The remainder of the episode finds Kaz following Teroj and sneaking onto his freighter only to discover that the thief is in cahoots with the First Order. Unable to get the phase connector back after take-off, Kaz ends up bringing the entire cargo ship down into Castilon’s sea. Despite tripping into the hallway of escape pods, the climax of the episode once again shows Kaz’s growth and how he can operate well, even on his own. The First Order connection wasn’t a huge reveal nor did the show intend it to be, but the revealed interest in a phase connector, which is used in mining things like asteroids, is certainly useful info for the Resistance and leaves possible implications to Starkiller Base.

While it had some cute moments with BB-8 and letting us get more of the peculiar duo of Flix and Orka, “Dangerous Business” was definitely my least favorite of the two. Both episodes do huge favors for the character of Kaz and set him on a path that I am really excited to see fleshed out moving forward, though. These two episodes were a solid start to the latter half of the season and set up some interesting plot threads within Synara and Kaz’s relationship, the First Order’s increasingly bolder moves and what role the rokkna creature will play in the future. You can catch the next episode of “Star Wars Resistance” for yourself when it airs on Disney Channel next Sunday at 10 p.m.

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