arik miguel what's NT listening to?

Hello! My name is Arik Miguel and I am a staff writer for the Arts and Entertainment section. In high school, I started buying records and have since amassed a fairly extensive collection. I’ve included a playlist of some of my favorite tracks from my record collection. My music taste is a little eclectic, and I have included a wide range of genres on this playlist. There is some classic Motown, 70’s Zamrock, Habibi funk, modern electronic, and country moog among others. I’ve included some classic tracks by artists like Billy Ocean and Roberta Flack, deeper cuts from artists like Pet Shop Boys and Four Tet, and songs from more obscure but equally talented artists. I find records at thrift stores, antique stores and of course record stores, and I am often drawn to eye-catching artwork. I tend to buy records that I have never heard of based solely on the artwork. I discovered some of my favorite songs this way. Hopefully, you’ll discover some great and unexpected sounds on this playlist.


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