Lynch Hall

On Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 12:22 p.m., a Niner Notice was sent out entitled “Incident today in Lynch Hall.” The notice explained that that morning UNC Charlotte Police received a report that a bullet had been discovered in a room in Lynch Hall.

“With respect to something like the bullet in the residence hall, we responded to that exactly the way that our protocol requires,” said Chancellor Philip Dubois. “We determined that it wasn’t an active shooter right away. No one heard it; everyone was in class. The girl that reported it was in her bathroom when she heard a funny sound and walked out and saw the bullet. The person who discharged it was not a student.” 

After inspection, it appeared that the bullet came from an adjoining room. There were no injuries and police continued to investigate. The notice also said that there was no reason to consider it a threat to campus.

“When I first heard about the news of the gun incident, I didn't really believe it because I didn’t hear any gunshots or had ever witnessed behavior like that in the dorm,” said sophomore Madeline Jones. “It is definitely a shock at first because you never think it’ll happen where you live.”

Later that day at 5:23 p.m., another Niner Notice was sent out entitled “Follow-up to Lynch Hall Incident.” The notice explained that the suspect had been identified and that the individual was a guest of a resident student. The individual was believed to have discharged a weapon which then caused a bullet to travel through a wall and then into an adjoining room where it was later discovered. 

The notice reiterated that there were no injuries and no threat to campus. It then informed that it is illegal to have a weapon in UNC Charlotte buildings, including residence halls. The notice said, “Any violation involving weapons on campus will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” 

On UNC Charlotte’s Office of Legal Affairs website, University Policy 702 states, “It is a violation of State criminal law and University policy to possess or carry any weapon, as defined below, on the University campus, except as otherwise specifically provided by law. Violators will be referred for criminal prosecution, and faculty, staff, or student violations are also subject to University disciplinary action.”

Only police officers are permitted to carry a firearm on campus. However, based on University policy, one is able to store a gun in a locked box in their car if they have a concealed handgun permit. Failure to properly store the gun in one’s car is a felony. 

Sources like Niner Notice work hard to provide students with the information they need to know to ensure both awareness and safety. 

“Bringing a gun onto campus is a violation of regulations and we will prosecute,” said Dubois. 

“I was very relieved no one got hurt and I do believe that the University took the incident very seriously and notified the student body appropriately through both discipline as well as by being prepared,” said Jones.

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