Charlotte, North Carolina is known for having some of the best restaurants in the state. Constantly pulling in so many innovative chefs and restaurant owners, the food industry here never falls short from creativity. Not only rated on the delicious food that fills our bellies, but also on the atmosphere that keeps us smiling all night long. As famous award winning chef Guy Fieri said, “food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience.” Here we bring to you our top 3 favorite Charlotte eats. Get ready to “taste the stars.”




JackBeagle’s is a tavern located right in Noda, a neighborhood in Charlotte. You can get here by taking the lightrail to the stop at 36th street. This restaurant features American grub consisting of classic burgers, mac n cheese, chicken tenders, and more. Wanting the best mac n cheese in the city? Jackbeagle’s features made to order mac n cheese with various flavors including chili mac, pimento mac, thai mac, mexi-mac and many others. My personal favorite is Jack mac, consisting of creamy, spicy, garlicky mac n cheese. “Beagle Biscuits'', breakfast sandwiches are served all day long on a fresh homemade biscuit. My favorite consists of eggs, cheese and a chicken tender. It’s buttery, fluffy and delicious. The cheese fries here are sure to impress any crowd as they are a definite must have for the table to snack on. While offering indoor and outdoor seating, JackBeagle’s often has live music performed on their outdoor stage. This offers a fun, upbeat dining experience. My only reason for not rating it a 5 star is the limited space. So hurry and get a table, it fills up fast.


Mama Ricotta’s



Located just 14 miles of campus, Mama Ricotta’s is 100% worth the drive. The food features traditional Italian cooking and New Haven-style pizza. It is very roomy, offering many seat availability and a covered outdoor patio. The food melts right in your mouth, reminding you the importance of homestyle cooking. Aside from the complimentary garlic knots given, the best dish here is the Penne a la Vodka. This dish is penne pasta tossed with sautéed pancetta in a pepper vodka, spicy tomato cream sauce. Your taste buds will be taken into a whole other dimension. Anything ordered here is sure to be crowd pleaser as every bite taken brings you right back home. The staff is very welcoming; they’re always on top of their game. It’s a really warm, inviting atmosphere with dishes that will make your taste buds dance for days.  





Fahrenheit, located on the very top of Hyatt Place hotel, is the best spot in all of Charlotte if you want dinner with a view. Located in downtown Charlotte, this restaurant is sure to keep you coming back. While on the classier, more expensive side, the view itself is worth every penny. My two favorite smaller dishes are the crispy tempura shrimp (creamy cloister honey glaze, sesame) and the vegetable fried rice (mushroom, broccoli, pepper, soybean, farm eggs.) The chefs prepare each dish with so much detail and attention. The food is very comforting, every bite is such a pure joy. Before or after dinner is the perfect chance to get some amazing pictures of the city's skyline. Highly recommend going right at sunset for the best pictures. It is very high end, but is so fun to get dressed up for a night out in the city. The overall experience here makes it a grade A, 5 star restaurant. 

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