Jenni Rivera's song titled "Dama Divina" translates to "Divine Lady." I recently watched the Netflix telenovela series that was based on her autobiography. Rivera compares herself to other known female artists in the song and acknowledges that she does not have the same body type. With time, she came to accept her body and learned to love herself for who she was.

Women are held to a certain standard of femininity by society and their culture. Particularly, Latina women are expected to have perfect curves, tanned skin and long wavy hair. That is not the case for many women; I do not have an hour-glass figure or long wavy hair. I prefer to keep my hair short because I feel it suits me better and it's much easier to maintain. Society engraved in our minds what an "ideal" woman looks like, but we have finally started to progress from that thought.

More companies and brands are reinventing themselves to fit the different body types that women have. It is essential to understand that women have various features that make them beautiful. The features they have are what makes them authentic and genuine to themselves. Women will have stretch marks, acne scars, moles and are still beautiful. The physical features that one could consider "flaws" should be perceived as "details" that make a woman beautiful, powerful and authentic.

Makeup is a beautiful way for people to highlight their facial features and express themselves. It is common for women to be judged upon the amount of makeup they wear. If a woman wears no makeup, they are considered a prude, but they are overcompensating for something if they wear too much. Makeup is meant to enhance one's natural beauty and can also give them a creative outlet. More importantly, we shouldn't judge people on their makeup skills if they are trying out new things. It sucks when you're trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone but are quickly humbled by someone telling you that you look "ridiculous."

The internet has not made it easy on women's insecurities and complicated the definition of femininity. Young women, especially teenagers, are more susceptible to developing insecurities based on societal expectations. It is beautiful to see the progress we have made as a society and acknowledge and appreciate women for being different. I love seeing all types of women become comfortable with their bodies, themselves and grow that confidence.

Confidence is not easy to develop or to have in yourself. But it is crucial to take the time to look at yourself and how far you've come. Don't think about anybody else's opinion; focus on what you feel about yourself and how you feel about yourself. You are the only person who can have an idea of your body. You are amazing, and any "flaws" you think you have are just beautiful details meant to enhance your natural beauty. You are an extraordinary human being, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

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