Lounging around the house in comfortable clothes

It’s like a sick day becoming a sick month. At first, it’s exciting to wear nothing but pajamas. Then it starts getting tired. Not everyone who is social distancing wants to wear dress pants, heels, or suit jackets around the house and that’s fine. However, it can add to depressive states of isolation to wear sleep clothes during the day. So try changing things up as often as you can. I know that not everyone has a fully-stocked closet at their disposal, but maybe you have a sibling, parent, aunt, cousin, or even grandparent who you live with that can lend you some “new-to-you” clothes.

Surprisingly, exercise clothes can be comfortable. Lots of people wear basketball or athletic shorts because they're loose-fitting and breathable. The mesh in these make it perfect for warmer weather and working out. However, not everyone wants, or is able, to go to a gym right now. So throw on a pair of yoga pants and feel like you’re exercising when really you’re just going from your room to the kitchen. This could also trick your brain into giving you some of those same endorphins as running or jogging.

As fall weather approaches, I’ve started wearing cardigans and oversized “grandpa” sweaters. I also wear a lot of tees and tank tops. Now, if most of your shirts have something inappropriate on them, throw a soft scarf over it. Same goes for hair. Even if you can’t wear a baseball cap during your Zoom meetings, you probably can wear headbands, head wraps, or bandanas. Jersey fabric is also extremely soft. You can find dresses, shirts, or casual skirts in this material. Don’t feel like you have to dress professionally for every single Zoom call, just be aware that you can look nice and put-together without putting on a stiff-collared shirt and slacks.

Let’s not forget the Snuggy phenomenon of the early 2010’s. But you can make your own Snuggy! Just take a bathrobe and put it on backwards. This is a great fashion piece for laying on the couch or staying in bed watching Netflix. It means that you don’t need a blanket and your dogs can burrow right into the soft material of your backwards robe. Win-win! But maybe don’t wear this one for a virtual job interview or important class lecture.

Another thing I’ve recently begun investing in is loose, flowy dresses. These can be worn with a belt to look more “put together” or they can be worn as is and look more relaxed. Of course these dresses are easier to find in-stores during the spring or summer months, but you can add tights or leggings underneath them for fall and winter months. They’re also great for in-person jobs. Make sure that you wear something underneath the dress such as shorts or leggings, but dress them up or dress them down as needed.

Nothing beats a nice pair of sweatpants (bonus points for pockets). I think that gray, black, burgundy, and navy go with anything. But be wary of buying white sweatpants as these can often be somewhat translucent. Also pay attention to the thickness of the material. There are some sweatpants that feel like a weighted blankets and others that are paper thin. It’s good to have a few different kinds, and colors, of sweatpants to choose from depending on the temperature and honestly on whether or not you plan on wearing these sweatpants out into the world.

And finally, socks! I have a thousand socks with different Disney film characters and fuzzy Japanese caricatures on them. Compression socks are wonderful for lounging around the house in wintertime. I typically buy a pack of long, fuzzy socks with sticky padding on the soles so that I can use them in lieu of slippers every morning. Knee-high socks can be super comfortable, as long as they’re your size. I’ve made the mistake of buying whatever knee-high socks liked aesthetically without taking the width or length into account. If you have a red ring around your calves after a couple hours of wearing these, they are too small. I recommend going for loose socks over tight socks because then you can at least roll them up instead of being in pain or having to return them.

If you’re looking to order clothes, there are several stores with great online sales right now. Almost everything on Forever 21’s website is on sale and they have a great plus-size collection. American Eagle, H & M, and Kohl's all have exclusive clothing and shipping offers as well. Just remember that comfort is subjective. Just as clothing is subjective. Wear whatever makes you smile, whatever makes you think “I never want to take this off”.

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