Shopping online on the biggest shopping day of the year

Like most aspects of this year, Black Friday shopping will also look much different in 2020. As a Black Friday participant and enthusiast, I knew I had to figure out how I would get my shopping done this year. Annual Black Friday shopping traditions may be altered as stores continue to adjust their schedule to the pandemic. Not to worry though, Black Friday lovers and participants can still make the most of their shopping experience. Here is the best way to do so:

Although there are plenty of great deals and sales for this upcoming Black Friday, much of the frenzy will be through computers with online deals as opposed to crowding into stores. At the same time, some retailers, like Walmart, will still be having a “traditional” Black Friday with in-store deals. 

Something new we are seeing with Black Friday this year is that stores are expanding their deals to span over several days rather than just one day. Bath & Body Works, for instance, is having a weeklong Black Friday event. From Nov 23-25, Black Friday deals will be available in-store only at Bath & Body Works. Then, on Nov 26 (Thanksgiving), Black Friday deals at Bath & Body Works will only be accessible through their website. Finally, on Nov 27 (official Black Friday) Black Friday deals will continue online as well as in stores. 

Target is often a very popular Black Friday shopping location. The store will be closed on Thanksgiving Day this year but is also experimenting with new ways to carry out Black Friday deals. Target dropped round 1 of its Black Friday deals on Oct 29. At the end of September, Target announced that it will offer its Black Friday pricing for the entire month of November, with new digital deals dropping every day. Target will also have holiday deals from October to December. 

Spreading out deals across the week and including both online and in-store discount options is a great idea to ensure that social distancing is maintained and large group gatherings are limited. I think that this is the best option to do Black Friday this year. Realizing you don’t have to rush to a store at 4 a.m. to get that brand new TV is relieving but also a bit sad for those who enjoy the frenzy and chaos. However, living in unprecedented times, we have to make adjustments. But that doesn't mean that we can't still enjoy our experience. 

Here is what I think would be a good way to spend Black Friday this year: 

If you are still wanting to go in stores to shop, I would recommend going earlier in the week when there are likely to be less shoppers. I’m almost grateful that stores like Target are closed on Thanksgiving this year. This year especially we need to be grateful for the moments we have with loved ones as human interaction is so limited. If you are still looking for a Black Friday thrill but don’t want to go in-store on the actual day, here’s what you should do. Get up early and hit up your favorite coffee shop. Then, with your coffee in hand, get comfy, make sure your laptop is fully charged and start your shopping. 

Though Black Friday may not look the way we want it to this year, we can still enjoy it. What we are learning this year is that we have to adjust and be prepared to changes in our plans. Maximize this Black Friday experience to your liking and celebrate it however you choose. Just remember to stay safe!


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