Student in Atkins

On Feb. 19, a man unaffiliated with the University was arrested for exposing himself to a female student in Atkins Library. According to Chief of UNC Charlotte Police Jeffrey Baker, police chased the perpetrator for 20 minutes until they captured him on the Greenway. 

The man was issued a trespass order and charged with indecent exposure and resisting, delaying or obstructing an arrest. He was also charged with carrying a weapon on school property because he had a knife with him.

The victim, a senior studying exercise science, said her classes for the day were canceled so she went to the library to catch up on some work. As she entered the silent study room, she noticed an individual hovering around the door. He followed her into the room where there were 20 other people studying. She took a seat and he asked to sit next to her.

“I noticed things were off then,” said the victim. “He didn’t have a backpack and he seemed a little on edge.”

Instead of sitting in the chair, he sat on the floor, two feet away from her. When she turned to move her backpack, she noticed he was “completely exposing himself” and staring at her. She pulled out her phone to ask her friends for advice and he left. Immediately after, she notified the security office who called campus police.

“I’m appreciative because security and campus police were so nice to me and very understanding,” she said.

Using a description provided by the victim, police could tracked down the alleged perpetrator and found him changing his clothes in the woods between the Student Union and North Village. He fled and the police apprehended him after a 20-minute chase.

UNC Charlotte police told the victim that they had consulted with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who informed them he had a previous record of indecent exposure. 

“This was just a regular Wednesday; I did not expect any of this to happen,” said the victim. "You can never be too careful.” 

Just a month before, another individual unaffiliated with the University was issued a state citation and trespass order for indecent exposure. A video circulated of the woman, naked from the hips down, touching her genitals in Prospector. According to Baker, UNC Charlotte Police thought she was undergoing a “severe mental illness episode” and convinced her to see a doctor. 

“We were very concerned about her safety based upon the actions she displayed,” said Baker.

The woman had previously been seen off-campus in a local restaurant exposing herself in the same way. 

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