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As many people continue to stay home amidst the pandemic: people are desperate to find interesting hobbies and ways to spend their time. Like everyone else, college students have had their lives turned upside down during this time. While movie marathons with friends are always fun, board games are a great way to spend time with friends and share some laughs. These are some of the best board games for college students:


Cards Against Humanity

A classic for any college get-together. This is one of the most popular card games for college-aged people; perhaps because of the mature content involved. The game is played when players complete fill-in-the-blank statements with words or phrases that are typically seen as risqué or offensive. It is often compared to an adult version of Apples to Apples. 


The fun thing about Uno is how versatile of a game it is. Though it comes with standard rules, there are so many different new rules and ideas to incorporate into your own game. Uno is fast-paced which makes it quite exciting and leaves little room for getting bored. 

Phase 10

In my opinion this game does require a bit more thinking and learning in order to get the hang of it. However, once you figure out how to play, it can be a very fun game. It is not a super quick game though so if you are planning on playing all 10 phases, allow time for that. 

Throw Throw Burrito 

Literally nicknamed “the dodgeball card game,” Throw Throw Burrito is a new game that could be compared to the classic card game Spoons. Players will try to collect matching sets of cards faster than their opponents while simultaneously trying to avoid being hit by a squishy burrito. The game is very fast-paced and requires some movement which makes it even more exciting. 

That Was Awkward 

Players take turns drawing cards that will make them both act out and say something ridiculous/embarrassing. Points are only earned if your opponents think you have earned it. The game is great for large and small groups and is easy to learn. Be prepared… it can get awkward. 

For the Girls

As suggested by its name, this game is perfect for a girls night. The game consists of 100 Truth or Dare cards, 100 Never Have I Have I Ever cards, 100 Rapid Fire question cards, 100 ‘Best of the Best’ cards, and 100 ‘Most Likely To’ cards. Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and spill some secrets. Things are sure to get interesting. 

What Do You Meme 

Perhaps one of the most fitting games for our society today where memes are a constant. What Do You Meme is a card game in which players propose caption cards as a match to the meme card. The judge of each round chooses the caption that they think best matches the meme. Whoever played the card that wins gets a point.

The Awkward Storyteller 

A very straightforward game which can include 4-11 players. Players ask storyteller questions from their cards and the current Storyteller must develop and begin to tell a story based on the questions they are asked. A creative and ever-changing game, this one is perfect for a night with friends. 

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