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Have you ever caught yourself throwing out makeup products because it is time to? I was told to throw out my makeup a year after I purchased it. At the time it made sense, but makeup can be expensive, and do we really need to throw it all out after a year?

Not necessarily. There are a few tips that can help with the longevity of makeup products. You may be able to find the expiration date on the product itself. There are ways to keep all your beauty products clean and sanitized to increase its longevity and to most importantly protect your skin from harmful bacteria. I will share with you some of the best tips on cleaning your beauty products as well as their benefits.

The first tip is important and it makes a difference all around, and it is to always keep your makeup brushes clean. There is a way you can keep them clean: washing your brushes weekly or every other week with Dawn dish washing soap. Dawn is good for brushes because it deeply cleanses the brushes without damaging them. Just fill up to half an inch of Dawn in an empty container. Dip all your brushes in the container and let it sit for a few seconds. Thoroughly rinse the brushes with warm water and let them sit to dry for the night.

Using Dawn to clean brushes is a good way to save money because you probably won’t have to buy a new one for about another three to four months. The brushes may also last for a few years or longer since Dawn does not damage them after every wash. Another good thing about this method is that, because your brushes are now deeply clean, the makeup will look much more flawless. One last thing to keep in mind is: if you have ever feel your skin becoming irritated or starting to break out when you apply makeup and your brushes haven’t been clean in weeks, wash your brushes immediately as it is a possible cause to irritating skin.

Now that we covered makeup brushes, the next most important thing is, of course, the products itself. Most makeup products can last up to five years. Some products also have an expiration date. To keep makeup products lasting long and usable is through sanitation.

Cleaning any product that has some sort of pump with a disinfecting wipe, as well as disinfecting your whole makeup vanity with the same wipes, will prevent possible harmful bacteria roaming around. Keep all the lids on as well because that will prolong the use of the products without them wearing out or building up bacteria.

Using a clean tissue, wipe off the first layer of everything that is powder form. It will keep your product fresh and clean. Powders can last up to a couple years. Personally, I use up my powders fast. The longest I have had a powder was about a year. Powders can easily contain bacteria, but if you sanitize them at least once a week and keep all powders closed, they should last much longer.  You can also use a clean tissue to wipe down eyeshadows and lipsticks.

From your vanity to your makeup products, everything must always be sanitized for your protection. Make sure everything is closed, as this prolongs most of the products.

I do my best to sanitize everything weekly, but I may forget to here and there. I have gone a month without cleaning because I have been busy and tend to forget. So, when I keep using the products that have not been sanitized, I do see my makeup being a bit messy and my skin beginning to irritate. I have also been told by other people they experience the same things, so I shared some of my tips. Hopefully this becomes helpful for you in many ways.

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