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Zodiac shmodiac. Is it even real? Actually, it’s more real than you think. While not entirely to blame for all the mishaps of life or the negative quirks in your character, the Zodiac signs you were born under influence a lot more than what is consciously recognized. For example, your moon sign influences the way you think and feel as well as your intuition. This sign is especially important when dealing with said mishaps, for it gives you an understanding on why you react and deal with it the way you do. Look at it as an insight to your emotional side. Here’s a description of each sign under the moon.


The Ram in the moon is impatient, finding everything to not happen fast enough. Their constant state of emergency makes it hard for them to wait for life to happen, emphasizing their fiery inner passion. These lunar signs have a desire for activity and will waste no time when it comes to getting what they want instantly, especially when it comes to romance. Because their needs and wants are undefined to them, many lunar Arians have many short-lived romances and secretly love being surrounded by trouble. Despite their aggressiveness, they tend to be very defensive people. The difference between lunar Arians and Cancers are that, when upset, Arians lash out while Cancers retreat. Although their fire burns, many people appreciate lunar Arians’ ability to be straight-forward, even if you sometimes feel you can never keep up with them.


Lunar Taureans thrive in familiarity. Due to their earthy nature, they tend to be rooted in their ways and feel safe in comfortable foundations. Don’t try to push these people to do something because they’ll just ignore you. However, there is a steadiness when it comes to those under lunar Taurus, and those around them feel their comforting nature. They tend to stay away from “messy” emotions and situations and are very romantic beings. They are sentimental and warm; their affections are strong, and because Taurus is a fixed sign, the likelihood of a break-up is slim. Anything a lunar Taurean decides will be safe to them, making them very reliable people. These people are loyal yet fiercely stubborn and falter when their routine is interrupted, so don’t try to surprise them. They love the good things in life.


Have you ever met someone who is utterly charming yet emotionally detached? They were probably a lunar Gemini. To the public, they are pleasant and interesting, but at home, they can be irritable and moody at times. They are comfortable talking about feelings, but feeling their feelings is hard for them. Because of this, they come off as detached, but really, they just feel misunderstood. When confronted with a problem, lunar Geminis are known to talk it out immediately. These people are plagued with nervousness and restlessness, making them prone to reading, talking and thinking a lot — maybe sometimes too much. They have a way with words and are generally adaptable and open to new ideas. Lunar Geminis strive when they have plenty of things to do and love home improvement, even if they don’t necessarily like housework, they just need an outlet for their unending imagination. Their need to do a million and one things, however, causes them to find trouble at sticking to one thing.


The moon happens to be the natural ruler of Cancer, so those born with this lunar sign are able to truly understand the feelings and emotions of others. These people have immaculate memories and are very clingy in every aspect of their life, seeking familiarity and comfort in all things. They are peace-loving, accommodating and dwellers. Their insecurity in confronting others leads them to use indirect ways to garner attention, which many feel is them usually beating a dead horse, but they just want to get you to understand how they feel. Since they are ruled by the watery moon, their moodiness can be surprising since they tend to be irrational. Despite this, they will always take care of you, even if they are being crabby.


Those who know some about Zodiac signs are familiar with the outgoing Leo. However, lunar Leos are the complete opposite. They only seek attention when they feel comfortable, more specifically with family or friends. Those born with this lunar sign have a need to organize and control, making them the overseers of everyone in their group. Because of this, don’t change plans at the last minute. They need time to adjust their schedules. They can come off as bossy at times, but they have a deep desire to treat others fairly and justly. Lunar Leos love the idea of creating and entertaining but can be rather lazy. They also require a lot of love, and when their pride has been hurt, they will sulk dramatically. Not in public, though, because they can’t make a scene. Their integrity and dignity won’t allow them.


Like many of the previous signs, lunar Virgos search for security, only this time it’s in the little things in life. Many love the mundane errands of everyday, like paying bills and balancing the books, because they feel most content when life feels straightened out. Although they are prone to nagging and complaining, lunar Virgos love taking care of things and people. They feel best when they are needed and useful, being the first to offer help to those in need. Lunar Virgos are content with regular lives and reject attention due to their ability to become overwhelmed easily when there is too much to think about. These people need a steady routine and a hobby where they can analyze, attend to details and micromanage. When it comes to relationships, lunar Virgos shy away from gushy displays of affection. They are shy, self-effacing and kind, and when they come out of their shell, they have a lot to give.


The co-dependent Libra; those with their moon sign in Libra need partnership and feel incomplete without people to share their lives with. Lunar Librans are sympathetic, sharing, social and most likely to get married young. Their partnerships give them strength and reinforcement. Lunar Librans are charming and flirtatious, winning the hearts of others in gentle ways. However, when it comes to flaws, people with in this sign are nit picky and stubborn. Anything flawed will bother them until fixed, and in arguments, they always have to have the last say, making them great lawyers. People in this sign will always love and defend others, even if they are stubborn.


Give a lunar Scorpio emotional intensity and they are set for life. These people are intense, seeking out the core of everyone they meet to be able to see what’s hidden inside. Because of their need for dramatic emotions, their lives can seem like a lot of up and downs, but to the lunar Scorpio, it’s merely transformation and rebirth. They tend to stir up emotional excitement and seek out intense experiences, going into everything with the mindset “all or nothing.” Lunar Scorpios have a strong fear of betrayal and challenge their partners with love tests, expecting the other to give up something for them. Once they are committed, lunar Scorpios are the most loyal and protective partners around. These people radiate strength and have the ability to size up situations and people quickly, satisfying their need to understand human motivation and nature. Intelligent and intimate, lunar Scorpios make for rewarding friends and lovers.


Similar to the sun in Sagittarius, those with their moon in Sagittarius need personal freedom and space. If they have both, they are happy and easygoing. Their love for open spaces extends to their need for travel. They love meeting new people and going out in the world, using their optimism to help inspire others. Some may consider lunar Sagittarians to be irresponsible, but it’s only their dislike for mundane routines. Lunar Sagittarians enjoy friendly competition, but when life becomes too much, they tend to run away. They will always come back though, they just needed to take a break. Their need for freedom gives them the mindset that everything will work out, especially since everything they do is generally on a whim. These people are lovers of truth, new experiences and mind-expanding ideas.


The competent Capricorn should be the nickname for people with this moon sign. These people keep their emotions under check, and if they are experiencing a tornado under the surface, they will always keep a calm composure. This, along with their usefulness and productiveness, makes them come across as steady, reliable people. Clear boundaries and realistic goals are a must for these traditional people. They respect authority and seek safety and security in most everything. Mood swings can occur, but for the most part, their collected nature makes them scared of people with turbulent emotions. Although they come off as level-headed, lunar Capricorns experience emotions like the rest of us, they’re just better at hiding it. These people crave respect and feeling worthwhile. They also put a lot of value into real, tangible things, like money and realistic goals. Lunar Capricorns are well-managed and like to live a structured life.


Why do people do what they do? This is what lunar Aquarians want to know most. Being extremely observant people, they tend to come off as shy or detached, although they can be very sociable. They strive for uniqueness and often feel different from others. These people are admired for their idealism and ability to put themselves above jealousy and possessiveness. They are fiercely independent and are generally proud of their family. Young lunar Aquarians are prone to temper tantrums, but as they grow older, they outgrow “messy” emotions and pride themselves on their level-headedness, even if it may come off as detached to others. Lunar Aquarians give those they love copious amounts of personal freedom and are very tolerant people, making them good humanitarians. They are constant, trustworthy and loyal, making for amazing friends since they refuse to leave anybody out. Lunar Aquarians are charming yet stubborn, and when they feel their pride has been attacked or are being criticized, they will hide their sensitivity and probably end the relationship.


Dreamy lunar Pisces seems to never be in touch with reality, but that’s not a bad thing! They need time to daydream or else they become overwhelmed with life. They are intuitive and find ease at putting themselves in other people’s shoes, even though they sometimes lose themselves in the suffering of others. Lunar Pisceans are perceptive and a bit odd, always laughing and making others laugh. Soft-hearted and sweet, these people are touched by human suffering and are suckers for sob stories. However, they have an apt ability to discern between sincerity and manipulation. They may come across as absent-minded, but they are anything but weak. They are compassionate and seem to understand things even if they have never experienced it, making them brilliant actors/actresses. When they retreat to recharge, you can often find them drawing, writing and making/listening to music. They love emotion and the ability to share it with the world.

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