As you walk into the AC Hotel lobby, you are greeted by the front desk and an attendee who escorts you to the elevator all the way to Nuvole on the 22nd floor. You have a choice to sit inside or walk straight down a few feet outside and enjoy the great high view.

No one seemed to be bothered by the temperature the day I went to Nuvole because they have heaters installed all around to keep the guests warm and comfortable to be able to enjoy the sky-high views in the heart of Charlotte. That’s amazing!

Rooftop bars have been becoming a popular trend to enjoy a night outside of a nightclub. There are 17 other rooftop bars in Charlotte and Nuvole is the 18th. Recently opened back in spring 2018, this is the one that has been receiving all the attention since then.

Nuvole is on the 22nd floor of the AC Hotel located in Charlotte with spectacular views. It is a modern, upscale rooftop bar that is open to anyone who wants to have a good time. It is also one of the biggest rooftop bars in Charlotte. The floor plan is a big open space with a bar and areas to sit inside to watch games, but if you want to sit outside and enjoy the views, you can just walk straight to the outside portion of the lounge.

Noah Sheer, the general manager who has been with the company since February, explained why they are different than all the other rooftops in Charlotte. He said they strive to being unique. Unlike others who want to be unique by finding different ways to separate themselves, they focus on being unique. Everything they do has to be unique and it makes them Nuvole.

Since it has opened, they have been busy every day. Being open to anyone who just wants to drink, eat and relax with friends allows them to have a variety in demographics. From young people to the older crowd, business people to any local in Charlotte (or those visiting). Noah mentioned that one day they had about 500 people walk through their door.

“It’s been unique for us because we were busy [the] first day. First day we did our soft opening, primarily we didn’t tell a lot of people and it was just our ownership that came in, [but] we had a lot of folks that came in and everyday it’s been busy for us,” said Sheer.

It makes them unique because Noah has worked for other companies that have opened and usually it’s a slow start before it becomes busy and known. Nuvole has been busy since the first day.

Because Nuvole has been doing so well since it opened, the AC Hotel has decided to open another rooftop on the fifth floor. They have plans to have it done and opened to the public within the next year and a half.

Everyone has grown to love Nuvole so much, from the guests to the staff and managers. “For me, every night is new night; it’s really exciting. I think personally I take a lot of pride I think business premier the top rooftop in Charlotte and so it’s really exciting to come into work and be associated with that [sic]. We have great views, incredible theme,” said Sheer.

Mark Crabb, a server at Nuvole, expressed that he loved working at Nuvole because he finds it to be very professional and organized compared to other places he has worked at before. Of course, his favorite is the view he gets to see every day.

Besides the view, Nuvole is also known for the food and beverage menu. All the items on the list have been handpicked for the public. The food items are small yet satisfying. All on the menu are all local products. They do a lot of local drinks for the guests to be able to get the sense of fresh local products when they have a drink and/or food. The bartenders take a lot of pride in their hand crafted drinks.

You get a sense of Nuvole when you first step on the 22nd floor of the sophistication, local and hardworking environment from the whole staff. You don’t have that feel of servers competing for tables or see managers above their shoulders. They take a lot of pride in recognizing teamwork for their hard work. Not only is the staff happy while working, but its relaxed when you know you can rely on everyone to work as a team.

Danny Mullin, the manager of Nuvole, expressed the importance of working together to create a unique experience for the guests and the rooftop bar. With their success since their soft opening, they continue to focus on giving their guests a unique experience every time in order to set Nuvole a part from the rest of the rooftop bars.

“We’re ready for it, whether it be an event or hotel guests or someone down the street, we want our name to be out there a little more,” said Mullin. “It’s all about word of mouth.”

I love Nuvole and I plan on going back. You feel so welcomed, all the guests did their own thing, the drinks were delicious and the views were spectacular. I can’t wait to go back and try out the food menu. Everything about it was unique and a great experience. I highly recommend anyone to check it out, and it’s not as expensive as it sounds!

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