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OVID-19 has changed the world indefinitely, especially in retail workspaces. I work at a huge retailer and we meet so many different people that have different ideas about the pandemic. We, as many businesses do, enforce the mandate to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Two elderly women came to shop while I was working alongside my two co-workers folding clothes and restocking merchandise. The two women approached the area around me and began browsing the different styles and conversing about them. One was wearing her mask, but it had made its way down to her chin. She began walking towards me to ask me about the sizing of the clothes, and my co-workers immediately scattered and made their way across the sales floor. I simply maintained my distance and answered her questions. Her friend then told her to pull her mask up and cover her nose. She eventually did after a few moments.

Her friend then came up to me and asked me where they could find patterned masks. I walked with them to the area where we had all of our cloth masks. Once there, the woman’s friend told me her friend gets a little confused sometimes and apologized for her not having the mask on properly. I told her it was no issue at all, but it was important for her to be safe in these times. She then came closer to me and thanked me for helping them. She witnessed my co-workers bluntly walk away from them and make no attempt to help them. I apologized on their behalf and told her if she needed any more help to let me know.

Before I left them to browse through the masks, she stopped me and thanked me once again. She handed me a dollar that was folded up like a collared shirt. She told me that she folds dollar bills into collared shirts and gives them to people that have good intentions and are kind to her and her friend. I told her to keep the dollar and that I wasn’t looking for any sort of compensation from them. She took my hand and gave me the dollar and told me that “In God, We Trust”—which was clearly printed on the right side of the shirt—and if I ever felt any doubt in myself to just look at the dollar and remember He has a plan for me.

I walked away, thanking her for the dollar and her kindness. My co-worker saw the woman give me the dollar and began telling me she would’ve helped if she knew money was involved. I was more shocked at the fact that the woman thanked me than I was with the dollar itself. It is not often that a person genuinely thanks you for helping them, especially in a retail job. I told my co-worker that it wasn’t about the money but just the fact that they were really nice and respectful.

My co-workers shouldn’t have walked away and then say that they would’ve helped if they knew they would get money. I tend to be more patient with people, especially the elderly because I hope that when I get older, there will be someone kind enough to help me. I want people to feel comfortable and respected because we never know what they have going on at home. I only interact with people briefly when they shop at my workplace, and if I can make them smile, then I consider it to be a good day. To this day, I still have that dollar in my wallet. I consider it to be my lucky dollar.

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