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This season is exciting for beauty trends! It is like there are no limitations; you can really do anything. Creativity is key for fall looks. Every company is launching something new and unique about every week and I have seen some of the colors from different brands that should be launching soon. This is the year where you get the chance to take your look to the next level. Of course, hairstyles change as much as the seasons do, whether it’s your hair color or style.

If your hair’s on point, so is everything else. There are a few styles trending this season. Slicked back hair, the bob, bangs and wavy hair. These will complete your whole look for a night out, date, work, anything. You will also be seeing a lot of long hairstyles that are either super straight or wavy. Also, styling your hair in a high, tight ponytail is perfect for the fall, and of course, the messy bun is coming back in style.

Hair colors are also changing. If you haven’t had your hair colored but you want to, now is the time. If your hair is already colored, you can change it. The color that is in is chestnut brown. It is a perfect color for the fall. Most people don’t want to change  their hair color entirely, and chestnut brown is the best way to start by either doing your whole hair, the ends or highlights. Are you blonde? Or want to be blonde? Changing your hair to dirty blonde is in as well as a very cool blonde or platinum. I actually have blonde hair and went from a warm brassy color to a cooler blonde with some warm tones. Hopefully, you’re inspired to make your appointment with your hair stylist. Change is great, especially when it comes to hair! 

The excitement is unreal! Let’s start with highlighters. Highlighting is everyone’s must-have for this season and it is a step you can’t skip. Brands like M.A.C. Cosmetics, Becca, Nars and a few more are launching new highlighters for the season. Glitter, metallic and shine are in. They have taken their highlighters up a notch. Not only is the look in, but color! You may already have a couple of these, but a pink or purple highlighter (or any that have a hint of color) is over the top amazing. If you already have a highlighter with a color or glitter in it, pull it out and put it on! Keep in mind that metallic wear is in with bright colors.

Lips! Everyone wants a pretty lip, yet so many ask what dark colors are in as if you’re only allowed to wear certain colors. NOT this season! You can wear the darkest reds to the brightest purple to the nudist brown. Any color and any formula. Although, metallic overall in fashion is in because a few brands are launching metallic lip products as well as a range of color. If it’s not metallic, brands are also launching glosses, liquid lips and lipsticks in a variety of colors like pink, blue, purple, green, orange, red, brown, gold, silver and more.

Lastly, skin! Many of us love a matte finish to our look and find it appropriate for the fall, but not this time. Don’t get me wrong, you can still have a matte finish; you can do anything for this year’s trend. Glowing skin is the new trend this fall! That glossy finish is everything. I know many have concerns for oily skin and find that the matte finish is the only way, which is fine, you can keep it matte or change it. Just throw that new highlighter all around the face and it will accomplish the look. You can also use one of M.A.C. Cosmetics’ setting sprays in gold or pink to get the glow finish as well. I actually got to try a new highlighter that’s launching in a month or so and the highlighter all around my face like my cheeks, my nose, my cupid’s bow, above and under the brow looked amazing. I received so many compliments all day and had people ask me what it was so they can buy it and I said it’s not out yet, but it will be. My face was glowing!

The images show everything for the fall trends after consulting with makeup artists and my hair stylist. I changed my hair and had on some fall forward makeup products on. I did mean what I said: creativity is key for this fall’s trend to be looking beautiful for Fall 2018.

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