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The joy of fall is the reason we look forward to the season the most. The things we love to do because it is not too cold or too hot. Although, it has been a little too hot, but that’s okay because the most excitement comes from the fashion trends for the fall. We all cannot live without shoes at all. Every single person has at least one. It is a must-wear for life and the only change is the styles. Accessories are amazing because they change every season, but fall 2018 is going all out with every trend from makeup, hair, shoes and accessories. Fall is not playing this year and it is making a big statement!

For women, the shoe types in trend are interesting. What do we love? Boots! The slouch boot is in. You can wear it with anything. It gives you some sort of edge to your outfits and dresses it up. If they are high knee slouch boots, they give you more of a sexy look. High knee boots were everywhere last year and they should be coming back since everyone loved them so much. Ankle boots, of course, and cowboy boots, now they will always be in style, but what is different this year is the colors and patterns — snake skin pattern. A white snake skin pattern is a statement piece to have. Suede boots are so gorgeous and the colors this year to have are blue, pink, red, brown and black. Leather will never go out of style, but you will see more unique designs and patterns embedded in leather boots.

Sneakers are coming back with more of an 80s style. They will have more patterns and colors and we will be seeing more high-top sneakers as well. Here is a twist, low heels are trending. Don’t get me wrong, high heels will never go away, but the focus for fall is low heels. It’s very classy and still gives you a little height, plus they are easy to walk in. Pointed toe shoes with a low heel is a favorite. It is perfect for work or any professional event. You could also wear it out if you want to be a bit dressy but not over the top. The best place to find shoes in season is Macy’s in Herald Square. I know it’s far from here, but if you ever go to New York, go to Macy’s in Herald Square and take the elevator to the shoe department. It is the best feeling ever because the whole floor is dedicated to women’s shoes. There are shoes everywhere!

Now that we got our shoes down, we can’t sleep on accessories. They are just as important! Carrying a large handbag will be eye catching. Last year it was little handbags, but this year, bring out your large handbags and wear them. Any color, any pattern; it doesn’t matter as long as it is big, you’re good.

Want to know what else is going big? Oversized sunglasses! No smaller thin sunglasses. For this season, oversized, bold, unique sunglasses are the new must have. We used to think that they were an old-style decade ago, but not anymore, and they are trying to remain in style for the rest of the year. We will see if this trend will remain in style next summer.

It is an exciting time for jewelry. As there is no surprise, jewelry is also going big. Big statement pieces and chunky earrings are trending, but that’s not all. You will be seeing bling, crystals and shiny pieces. They are so beautiful and can take your simple look to another level. We love shiny, pretty things when it comes to our jewelry and now we can have it all for fall.

These trends may seem funky and odd and you may be wondering how they all tie together. Well they do, and you can get inspiration by looking at the fashion shows for Fall 2018. Don’t be overwhelmed in trying to do it all because you may like something but not all, which is totally okay. If you love some of the trends, make it your own, you got it. I guarantee you people will want what you have. It is all about being creative. One more piece of advice so you don’t break the bank, look in your closet, because every season they always bring something back and you may just have it!

Fall 2018 is making a bold statement, don’t fall short this season.

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