As an avid fan of beauty gurus, makeup tutorials, and skincare regimens,  I frequent the health and beauty sections of just about every retail and beauty supply store. Naturally, I grow a big selection of all different types of serums, creams and devices to clear acne, prevent wrinkles, keep hydration inside the skin, and keep skin healthy. Below I have listed some of my current favorite beauty products:

  1. Vitamin C serum. Let me tell you, I’m really, REALLY happy I bought this. Basically what a vitamin C serum does is gives hydration to the skin and helps build collagen, to prevent signs of aging. Even though I’m still young and don’t have wrinkles, it’s still good for the skin. Don’t think that because it’s a serum that it can be expensive, because the brand Measurable Difference (pictured in top left corner) can be purchased at any Marshalls or T.J.Maxx. Originally, the price of this serum on Measurable Difference’s website is $15, but I believe I purchased it for $10.99. And for it to be cheaper and be really good for my skin, I’m beyond happy with it.
  2. Too Faced HangoveRX 3-in-1 spray. I purchased this product over spring break at Sephora, and I didn’t realize at first it would be a great refresher to my sunburned skin. Applying this helped to cool down the surface of my face, and hydrated it in the process. Technically this spray is a primer and setting spray, but it’s also a refresher for the skin to keep makeup on, and make your skin feel great. Did I mention it hydrates your skin!? This product is also cruelty free, so it’s just even more amazing because it’s not hurting other living things. 
  3.  Clinique Dramatically Different hydrating jelly. I’ve been a lover of this product for a few years now, and I’ve tried the different formulas for this line (a lotion, a gel and a jelly). My skin has a tendency of being on the dryer side with an oily T-zone. I found the lotion too heavy for my skin, leaving me really oily in the morning, and the gel felt a little sticky. However, the jelly is the one I (and my skin) have loved the most. The jelly is clear and is good for all skin types, and helps protect the skin against pollution. It hydrates my dry skin parts and doesn’t make my oily parts oily. Just a universally smooth surface overall.
  4. Dickinson’s Hydrating Toner. I’ve tried this brand’s straight witch hazel before but I found it too drying. I happened to stumble upon this hydrating and alcohol free version at Walmart (I know, the price was only $3.50) and I knew it was worth the try. The first time trying it, I was blown away because other toning products had always dried out my face. But this one didn’t even hurt any pimples or large pores. THIS WORKS WONDERS IN YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE. I use this right after washing my face and before the jelly.
  5. Derma Roller. I just recently felt confident enough to try this one out. I’ve been a little curious on how it would work with acne prone skin or redness. If you haven’t heard of microderm rollers, it’s basically a roller for your face and neck that has tiny needles that you roll over the skin to create slight openings in the skin (it does not draw blood at all). By doing this, it allows your skin to better absorb the products you use in your skincare routine, helping speed up the healing process. I’ve only tried it once, but the effects turned out to be really cool. After waking up the next day of the first trial, I noticed that my skin was a little brighter and was not oily at all. It’s something I still need to work with to understand how it can benefit my skin, but overall it’s something worth looking into for yourself (plus I found one from Walmart for $10). Be cautious though, remember to clean the roller before and after every single use by spraying alcohol on it, that way the use of it won’t lead to infection.

I have a few more products that I have more recently accumulated, so hopefully I’ll be back with more. Don’t be afraid to check out new trends for skincare and how they can help your skin!

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