We all know those people that are like, “All I do is go to work/school and watch Netflix.” And that’s fine, I’m not here to shame the casual Netflix binger; live your life. But, I enjoy hearing what people actively do when they’re not working.  Hobbies bring about a certain enthusiasm in a person that is magnetic and inspires others to engage and connect. Not only are hobbies exciting, but it allows one to bring more energy and enthusiasm to their work.

Gardeners understand the growth process, comedians understand engaging speech, athletes understand practice, so on and so forth. These “understandings” can be easily brought into work environments to cultivate a more engaging work environment. It’s important to remember that people hire people along with working with them and it’s extremely rewarding to work in an environment where you can show up as your full self within a team of equally enthusiastic people.

And I understand, when a salary is on the line it may feel risky to discuss your blog on underground Hip Hop artists, your Game of Thrones collector set, or whatever you’re into. It’s not as easy to engage a group of people whose interests are wildly different from yours, but once one looks beyond the specifics of differing hobbies/interests, one can value the energy one brings to an interaction and possibly gain some insight on a thing or two.  

Back to the Netflix bingers, I do enjoy asking people what their favorite shows are. Their faces light up when talking about Narcos, Stranger Things, Black Mirror or whatever they’re into. Hearing their opinions on characters is really interesting as well, but at that point I’m like, write a blog or start a super niche podcast, because I really have found that people who actually make something tend to cultivate a creative energy within themselves that results in creative problem solving. With all that being said, get to making or keep making whatever it is that you do!

Ideas to Keep in Mind:

  • Your hobbies allow you to bring an enthusiasm to your work that increases your ability for creative problem solving.
  • Fun people are fun to be around.
  • Be willing to listen to others who engage in different activities and create an environment where enthusiasm and creativity is valued.

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