four black microphones

Amazon is practically sold out of microphones. That should really tell you something. Everyone and their mother (and their sister and their best friend) have started exploring the world of podcasting. It sounds like a silly way to spend your time, but is it? 

Society is nothing without communication. How can we make fun of people for wanting to share their opinions, stories and information? I know I listen to podcasts on my daily walks or when I’m doing the dishes. For a lot of people, podcasts are a way to soothe loneliness or alleviate boredom. With both of those things more widespread than ever, why not give podcasting a try? This is a low-cost hobby that could open a lot of doors for anyone. 

A few days ago, my sister proposed that I start a podcast. I thought she was kidding because, well, isn’t that the funniest thing? Then I took a moment and thought about it. It would give me something to do, something I enjoyed doing, and it would be a great way to involve friends and family in a new project. One of the biggest misconceptions with this podcasting craze is that people are doing it for money or acclaim. Although that can certainly be a motivating factor, I think most people want to create a podcast because it gives them something to do. 

These times are uncertain. All we can do, if we are able, is keep our minds and hearts open. I’m sure podcasting isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone. As for me and my friends, we decided to make lists of things that we enjoy. If you like Greek mythology or marine biology, and you want to talk about it, then do it. There are some extremely niche podcasts out there. If your thing is the history and fallout of the Gulf Wars as analyzed through a Marxist lens, there will be other people who are interested in it too.   

There are no strings attached. There are no rules for when you can start or stop a podcast, a freedom which can be comforting. This is a medium that you alone control. I once met someone who said that they record their podcast so that they can keep track of what they’ve learned over the past few years. This can be just for you and your loved ones, or it can be for everyone. All of that is up to you. You don’t have to add that microphone to your virtual Amazon shopping cart. You don’t have to write a twenty-page script. Just think it over, and if it interests you, it might be worth a shot. 

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