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When I saw that Ulta Beauty had come out with a Harry Potter line, I knew I had to get it. I am a big-time Harry Potter fan and was so excited to get my hands on Harry Potter inspired makeup. Ulta has several products in their Harry Potter line including lip glass, face masks, scrunchies, makeup bags, brushes, an eye shadow pallet, and specific makeup kits for each of the Hogwarts houses. 

According to the official Harry Potter quiz I am in the Hufflepuff House but, sadly, there were no Hufflepuff makeup kits available in store. So, I ended up opting for the Gryffindor makeup kit, the Bewitching pH Lip Balm and the scrunchie set with scrunchies for each of the 4 houses.  

I started with the Gryffindor makeup kit. This kit included a small eye shadow pallet, highlighter beads, illuminating beads that add brightness to the skin and work just like highlight. eye liner and a lip stick. First of all, I have to applaud the packaging job for this kit. The box that holds the makeup is so detailed and beautiful. It almost resembles a book, which opens and closes effortlessly. The makeup itself is also packaged nicely. The design of the eye shadow pallet is very fitting for the Gryffindor theme and lists the three main qualities (determination, courage and bravery) on the outside of the pallet packaging. Even the eye shadow shades are very Harry Potter-esque. The shades include: Acceptance Letter, Parchment Paper, Galleons, Remembrall, Howler and Sorting Hat. The pallet is perfect for the fall/winter season as the colors range from cream color to gold to burnt orange to red to burgundy. Half of the shades have a sparkly tinge to them for a bit of an extra flair. I tried out the pallet and I was very impressed with it. The eye shadow blended very nicely and all of the colors complemented each other. It also stayed in place all night which was very nice. 

Next, the gel eyeliner. The packaging for the eyeliner is amazing. It looks like a quill, the brush being the feather part and the gel eyeliner being the ink. The brush (feather) pulls out at the top and then, to open the eyeliner, you simply unscrew the bottom of the “ink.” It is a lovely, shiny gold color and perfect for Harry Potter fans.

Moving on to the highlighter beads. Highlighter beads have become a more popular form of highlighter for makeup. The beads are packaged in a clear canister with a white lid engraved with the letter “H” and then the word “Hogwarts” beneath it. The beads are in perfect, small spheres and are a shiny, pale pink shade. The highlighter beads also come with a sponge which makes it easier to apply the highlighter. These highlighter beads are super effective and create a natural glow and pretty shine. 

I tried out two lip products from this Harry Potter line. One was the tinted lip balm from the Gryffindor makeup kit and the other was the Bewitching pH lip balm. I first tried the Bewitching pH lip balm. Though this lip balm has a sparkly orange tint, it does not really show up; it is very subtle and barely noticeable. The lip balm from the Gryffindor kit, however, is much more bold. It is a dark red color and applies very easily. This lip balm is more similar to a lipstick but is not one that will dry out your lips. It almost seems like it has a moisturizing agent to it which I really appreciate. 

Finally, the scrunchie set. There are four scrunchies total, one representing each of the four Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff). The Gryffindor (red and gold color) and Ravenclaw (blue and white) scrunchies are scarf scrunchies, meaning that they hang long in the back. The Slytherin (green) and Hufflepuff (yellow) scrunchies are velvet and medium-sized. The Slytherin and Hufflepuff scrunchies were a little big to wear on my wrist but they work really well in my hair and are able to hold my hair up too. Same goes for the scarf scrunchies which are definitely not suitable for wrist wear but the scarf aspect adds some extra flair and can be an accessory in and of itself.

I am very impressed with this Ulta and Harry Potter collaboration. From the packaging to the quality of the makeup itself there is a lot of good to be found. The only thing is that the price seemed to be fairly high, but that’s typical of Ulta Beauty so it was to be expected. If you’re a Harry Potter fan I would definitely recommend checking out this new makeup line. 



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