Crown Commons

UNC Charlotte offers various dining options for students all around campus. There are four major areas on campus where students most popularly eat: The Popp Martin Student Union, Cone University, Prospector and SoVi at South Village Crossing.

Popp Martin Student Union:

The Popp Martin Student Union is one of the most popular places on campus. If you need a spot to study, grab a latte or a quick meal with friends, watch a movie, or play a friendly game of pool, this location is your spot! The Student Union is located in between the North Village student housing and the Student Activity Center, and next to the recently opened Student Recreation Center alongside Craver Road. The Popp Martin Student Union includes fast food options such as Einstein’s Bros. Bagels, Wendy's, Bojangles, and Starbucks. It also includes the Crown Commons Dining Hall which is open almost all day long for freshly made breakfast, lunch and dinner. And if you don’t have time to wait in line or sit down and eat a meal at any of these places, you can also stop by the Market on Craver featuring Erbert and Gerbert convenient store for a grab-and-go deli item or a quick snack. 

Cone University Center:

The Cone University Center is located in between Colvard and Atkins Library. The Cone building is known as the location for Niner Central; however, the floor below it is where the Mainstreet Market is located. Within the Mainstreet Market, there is a Subway, Panda Express, Sambazon, Mainstreet Bubble Tea and Fresh 2U Convenience Store. 


Prospector is known for the University’s and on-campus resident’s packaging and shipping services. There are two food courts a staircase apart with delicious dining options. These options include Burger 704, Chick-Fil-A Express, Mamma Leone’s, Mondo Subs, Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina, Melt Lab and another Fresh 2U Convenience Store. 

SoVi at South Village Crossing:

South Village Crossings is located in the on-campus housing area of South Village. It is located next to Laurel Hall. Inside South Village Crossings, there is The Den, The SoVi Market + Bakery, SoVi Dining Hall and SoVi2Go. Just like Crown Commons, SoVi Dining Hall is open all day to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you don’t have time to get a meal and sit down in the dining hall, there is always SoVi2Go, where you can get your meal on the go. If you’re looking for a necessity, snack, or dessert to conclude your meal, you can always stop by the SoVi Market + Bakery. And if the dining hall is closed, The Den stays open pretty late for you to grab a late-night snack or meal.

Other Options:

Aside from the major food courts on campus, there are a couple of other popular food places on and off-campus. There are two of Peet’s Cafes, one located on the first floor of Fretwell and the other on the ground floor of Atkins Library. You can also go off-campus to Domino’s and be able to use your declining balance from your meal plan just like any on-campus eatery. 

Now that you have been informed about the most popular eateries on campus, I hope this guide helps you find what you are craving or looking for.

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