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Self-discovery is an in-depth journey that allows you to explore your feelings and accept yourself for who you are and how you got there. Art allows you to express the feelings you undergo when discovering yourself. Art is a broad spectrum of ways to communicate your ideas and feelings through creative expression. It can be portrayed in different ways, whether it's through tangible art or creative writing.

Allowing yourself to get in touch with your feelings and take the time to consider them helps you accept your individuality. Unfortunately, there are times when you minimize your feelings and repress them to continue with a forced reality you've created for yourself. By hiding those feelings, you are selling yourself short of inner peace. To take care of yourself is to be considerate of yourself regardless of what that means, whether it's taking a personal day or just spending time doing something you love.

I began painting in high school and have continued to use it as a coping mechanism. As well as writing, I have started to write short stories and poems to cope with my own trauma. To cope with all the stress that life brings, especially when being a full-time student and trying to have some semblance of a life. There are moments in life where you find yourself stranded and have nobody but yourself to get you through that dark moment. Art allows you to have a safe, creative outlet.

Painting can be immersive, and that's one of the things I love about it. I love painting because I get to become one with the artwork. I tend to use my fingers to blend the colors and allow myself to do whatever comes to mind as it is a direct depiction of how I feel. Other art mediums would also enable the immersive experience to overcome the open wounds that became emotional baggage weighing on your shoulders.

Writing is beautiful because there are times where feelings can be too overwhelming, and you can finally express them even if it's just for yourself. It can be therapeutic to write into a journal or outline your feelings in short stories. By projecting your emotions into creative works, you can view them from a different perspective and perhaps work through them. You may be able to find a solution or closure to your problems. Art gives you a new viewpoint to approach your problems and find a way to heal.

Healing from heartbreak, loss or trauma can be complicated because you begin to unpack all those feelings. Through unpacking, you begin to understand yourself better. And by using art to express that emotional process, you can find a way to mend those wounds. There are deep wounds that take longer to heal, but art reflects how you feel and can validate those feelings. You first have to validate your feelings and yourself to begin healing, and what better way to get validation than seeing it through your art.

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