Have you ever walked into your bedroom and felt like you were hit with the clutter and messiness that has consumed it? Sometimes, instead of cleaning, you wish you could just throw all your belongings away, but when it comes down to it, you would never be able to. Each belonging has some sort of sentimental value. Yes, even the seashell your ex-boyfriend from the 4th grade got you from his summer vacation trip. It’s personal. Maybe a little cracked and dusty, but nevertheless personal.

This is where minimalism comes in to tell you that not everything is personal, and that’s a fact. Yes, even the 4th grade ex-boyfriend seashell. Throw it away. If an item just collects dust, forgotten time and time again until your eyes accidentally graze over it and you think: “Wow! I remember that!” it is safe to say the item is no longer needed. If it doesn’t match your color scheme or your feng-shui, throw it away. If you really, really can’t throw things away, put them in a storage bin in your closet or under your bed.

Minimalism is basically the decluttering of your living space, which could eventually lead to the decluttering of your life. (Or not, but we can dream.) It’s the room you walk into that is aesthetically pleasing with just enough things to add that personal touch. There’s a bed, a dresser, a desk and sometimes a side table and/or bookshelf. There are just enough pillows and usually one or two picture frames displayed on the dresser. The desk has just enough office supplies, and if there’s a bookshelf, the books are neatly lined. The side table usually has a lamp, a book and a candle. Throughout the room will be “scattered” memorabilia (in a real minimalistic room, nothing is scattered, even if it looks like it) and the walls have at most three posters. There may be a floor lamp and a rug, but they are neutral colors. In fact, most minimalistic rooms are neutral with one color accent to give the space that necessary POP. There will always be twinkle lights, don’t worry. If there aren’t twinkle lights or some sort of artistic light exposure, the room is still in process.

All that I just listed may seem like a lot, but nothing in minimalism ever is. It’s not expensive, either. As a college student and a fan of the minimalism trend, when I moved into my first apartment, I knew I wanted to model my bedroom like such. I admit, I have clutter in my room, but I’m also a college student with five thousand textbooks and three million papers/notebooks. Besides my school stuff, I really do not have that many trinkets or gadgets.

My bed has four pillows, a throw pillow, and a throw blanket. Above it is a framed poster that says “PARIS” in red letters. Next to the poster is another French poster of a man and a woman dancing. Under them is my side table that holds a lamp, a vintage clock, a candle and a book. My bookshelf next to my side table has my perfume bottles, necklace holder, picture frame and two fake plants on top. My bookshelf is neatly lined, and the only things on the top shelf are my newspapers and a painting my roommate gave me for my birthday. I have a black floor lamp, a gray area rug, and my desk is a table from IKEA. My desk is cluttered, so let’s not talk about it. All of that makes for my very gray, white, and black minimalistic bedroom.

Minimalism is easy. I did it on a budget and my room still feels cozy despite the lack of excessive personal items. To create a minimalistic bedroom, you don’t need to immediately throw everything away. Try storage bins first, and leave the necessary or matching items out on display. Minimalism may look simple, but in order to maintain the coziness of a bedroom, you always need to keep it personal. Remember: colors (or lack of) make a difference, and less is always more. Whoever told you more is more lied. Live simply, live minimal. It will change you.

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