Silence is needed to give the mind space for profound thinking and dig deeper into the subconscious. It allows for problem-solving, creative thinking and it develops your thought process. Being silent can be taken two different ways because it can be an emotional or a logical reaction Silence can also be so overwhelming it suffocates you.

I was known as “the quiet one” because I would keep to myself and reluctantly speak up for most of my life. I would go about my days in silence because I didn’t want to bring any myself attention. This has continued to my adult life and has kept me from a lot of opportunities. At school, I would always fear being called on randomly by the instructor, or at work, I would dread people coming up to me to ask me a question. It wasn’t even about not knowing the answer so much as about having someone’s attention.

I have been trying to exchange the silence for little moments when I feel brave enough to speak up. The moments of silence stole parts of me every time I turned down the chance to speak on behalf of myself. I made little adjustments to grow as a person by speaking up in class, talking to peers, and making small talk at work. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s the little steps that help you move in the right direction.

When you’re silent, you are able to observe more—taking a step back to observe how people interact with others, with nature and go about their life. It gives you perspective, but if you’re not able to share that perspective, then what’s the point? How we use that perspective defines us—being able to form our own decisions and opinions because we watched and learned from others.

I have gotten lost in the trance of silence as it drowns out the rest of the background noise and thoughts. I have felt this silence intensify with stress at my workplace. I was belittled and minimized for a while; it felt like everyone in there was holding the remote and turning down the volume. Eventually, with all the buttons pushing, the volume reached zero and was left on mute when all that’s left is a hollow version of yourself that has no voice in any matter.

At one point, you have to set your foot down and finally say something. Take all the comments, stories, and words that have been said to or about you and say your story louder. There comes a time when you have to drown out the sound of silence with the power of your voice.

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