Epicenter, a music festival centered around heavy metal and hard rock, comes to Rockingham, NC for its’ inaugural run.

The festival will kick-off Friday, May 10th at the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region, the newly created Rockingham Festival GroundsRock City Campgrounds, and will last until Sunday, May 12th. Attendees can expect a large variety of acts and multiple specialty curated beverages, while campers can additionally expect access to showers, portable restrooms, food and drink vendors, charging stations, information and medical services, as well as a Thursday night pre-show party.

Rockingham Village at Epicenter will be open for extended hours to allow fans to eat, drink, shop and see performing artists before and after the main event. Featured vendors will include festival merchandise, artist merchandise, lockers for rent, lifestyle shopping booths, a full General Store, coffee shop, craft beer at Headbangers Beer Bar, Caduceus wine bar, breakfast vendors for campers, as well as late night food served after the main venue closes. The Village will also have a stage featuring cover bands and Hellzapoppin Circus SideShow performances throughout the weekend.

Here’s 5 can’t-miss acts for Epicenter Music Festival 2019:

Bring Me The Horizon: A long-time favorite band of many metalheads alike, their music screams “Metalcore” and could very well be one of the defining bands of the genre. Their latest album “Amo” came out late in January and features a number of hits we hope to hear at the festival. Some of our favorites were “in the dark,” “medicine” and “i apologize if you feel something.”

Korn: A nu metal band hailing from Bakersfield, California. Their latest album rips through our heart as it tackles the tough, familiar emotions of love and hate that come from a broken life. Some of our favorite songs were “A Different World” and “Everything Falls Apart.”

Starset: This rock band has been kickin’ it since 2013, but isn’t looking to quit anytime soon. Their latest album “Vessels” came out in 2017 and features a lot of heartfelt, fiery bangers focusing on love and longing. One of our all-time favorite songs from them that we’re hoping to see live at the festival is “Die For You.”

Killswitch Engage: This primarily metalcore band is loved by listeners spanning from all different realms of the music industry as they’ve made songs that have hit every market. They’ve been making music since 1999 and have an impressive and expansive repertoire under their belt. One of our favorite songs from them is “My Curse.”

Fever333: A rapcore band stemming from Inglewood, California, they broke into the rock scene just two years ago in 2017. Their latest album “STRENGTH IN NUMBB333RS” was released this past January. We’re pumped to see if we’ll be the first listeners of it performed live and if it lives up to their well-known reputation for excellence.

Image from Danny Wimmer Presents