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This fall, COVID-19 has prevented many schools around the country from holding in-person classes. This was true for UNC Charlotte until the week of Sept. 28, when on-campus residents were able to move in for the fall semester. Classes that relied heavily on in-person instruction (such as labs) made up the majority of classes that would start in October.

To monitor those who attend UNC Charlotte classes and spend time on campus, UNC Charlotte officials have enacted daily Niner Health Checks. These daily surveys are sent out to UNC Charlotte students and staff every day of the week to help students and staff monitor symptoms associated with the virus. While the emails do state the surveys are “not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19,” it is a tool for the University to assist their students in combating the spread of the virus.

If the health checks are not regularly completed, reminders will be sent asking you to take the assessment as soon as possible. If after 20 days the health check is still not done, your NinerNET credentials will be temporarily suspended until action is taken to fill out the health check. This prevents access to University email, Canvas and all other systems using NinerNET credentials.

Out of a population of 34,000 students and employees, 1,400 individuals had credentials suspended during the week of Oct. 12. As of Oct. 22, 145 people have their credentials suspended. These numbers change daily depending on who has or has not responded to the checks after 20 days.

To restore one's NinerNET credentials a link will be sent to either the personal email or text number that the University has on file once the credentials are attempted for use. The link will then walk you through how to restore the credentials.

The loss of credentials will prevent both students and staff from attending/hosting classes as well as checking emails or assignments. Faculty have been instructed to alert their class if they lose credentials. Students should consult with their professors to make up missed assignments or class.

In a press release, UNC Charlotte stated, “Failure to attend class or arriving late may impact your ability to achieve course objectives which could affect your course grade. An absence, excused or unexcused, does not relieve a student of any course requirement. Regular class attendance is a student’s obligation, as is a responsibility for all the work of class meetings, including tests and written tasks. Any unexcused absence or excessive tardiness may result in a loss of participation points.”

An exemption form for the daily check can be filled out for anyone on an extended leave or who lives outside a 30 mile radius from campus to avoid the loss of credentials. 

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