For the month of February, UNC Charlotte is promoting the hashtag #iLOVEUNCC to encourage alumni to share their fondest memories of their time here as well as how they might have met their significant other on campus.

Pam Blackwell ‘90 grew interested in UNC Charlotte after discovering the reputation of the Education Department. Throughout her time here, she recalls nothing but wonderful memories. From attending basketball games, pledging for Delta Zeta, Greek Week, and even meeting her future soulmate, there was rarely a dull moment.

“My favorite part of campus was the Cone Center and the wall where each fraternity and sorority had a spot and we all hung out. We also loved playing intramural sports on the front field.” Blackwell stated.

It was through these interactions and Greek life where she met the man she would later marry, Rodney ‘89.

“Rodney and I met through friends. He was a Kappa Sig and so we would all hang out doing Greek life together,” Blackwell explained. “We started out as friends and would talk on the phone for hours. That’s when we realized we were becoming more than just friends.”

Blackwell later graduated and began her teaching career immediately following her commencement at UNC Charlotte. Her love for the kids she taught and her passion for education was something Randy wanted to incorporate in his proposal.

“He came to the school I was teaching at in December of 1990, on my birthday, and proposed to me in front of my first graders. It was so sweet,” Blackwell shared. “He said, ‘As much as you love these kids, I love you even more and want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?’ I taught in a very low socioeconomic school and I worried about my kids a lot. He wanted them to be a part of our story.”

To this day Blackwell and her husband credit their success to UNC Charlotte. They have been married for 27 years and currently reside in Mount Holly, North Carolina. Her two daughters wish to follow in their mom’s footsteps as they are both pursuing a career in education. Their oldest daughter, Stephanie, is currently a gym teacher at Guilford County Schools and their youngest, Lindsey, is following in their alma mater majoring in Middle Level Education with a focus in Math and Social Studies at UNC Charlotte.

Alumni of UNC Charlotte are encouraged to take to social media under the hashtag #iLOVEUNCC and share their stories from their time spent here. All stories shared qualify to win Niner gear.

“We definitely would not have met if we had not attended UNCC. I have nothing but fond, wonderful memories of my years at UNCC,” Blackwell said. “When we moved Lindsey onto campus this year, it seriously took me right back to the late ’80s. The housing that I lived in is no longer there, but I will never forget all the great times spent on campus. We are proud to be alumni of UNCC.”

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