2017 Basketball Madness, 10/19, Chris Crews, DSC_0424

Students at Basketball Madness. Photo by Chris Crews

In recent months, UNC Charlotte has aimed to create a uniting media campaign that will focus on encouraging students to have strong “Niner Pride” as well as creating an appreciation for the Charlotte community.

“We Are All Niners” was initiated in the fall of 2018. This dialogue is meant to invoke a sense of unity and togetherness for the UNC Charlotte. The University wants to spotlight the its most notable qualities such as research, a strong alumni presence and overall student engagement.

Niles Sorensen, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, said in an interview with Inside UNC Charlotte, “The scholarship and applicable research that takes place at UNC Charlotte tie directly to Charlotte’s economy, while upholding the institutional identifiers that define our brand, namely, opportunity, talent, impact and student experience.” 

Sorensen added, “The ‘We Are All Niners’ campaign, which is designed to drive attention to UNC Charlotte’s institutional excellence, expresses that powerfully.”

The University has even made a web page to commemorate the meaning of being. The revolving ads change to different words that share what the University treasures about the Niner Nation. The ads portray the University’s message that Niners make Charlotte: Driven, Curios, Determined, Stronger and Innovative. 

“‘We Are All Niners’ speaks to our shared commitment to advance UNC Charlotte to higher levels of distinction,” said Chancellor Dubois. 

On the first day of class, students were handed “We Are All Niners” bracelets to start the year off with some “Niner Pride.” Several students shared with the Niner Times their take on “We Are All Niners.”

Computer Science student Zack Edwards, 20, said, “We support each other because we are all a part of the UNC Charlotte Community.”

Chemistry student Madeline Bungert, 19, said, “We are connected as a community and can lean on each other.”

The city of Charlotte also plans to get involved. The words “We Are All Niners” will be seen by Charlotte’s commuters and residents in places like Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte Area Transit System’s (CATS) buses and the Lynx Light rail trains. “We Are All Niners” can also be viewed through social media and digital advertisements.

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