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While UNC Charlotte faculty and staff are all now eligible for the vaccine, there continue to be cases appearing on campus. There were 22 new positive student cases during the week of Mar. 8. As of Mar. 14, there are 20 active on-campus cases of COVID-19. 

Monday, March 8: There was one student case, while there were three employee cases.

Tuesday, March 9: The presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was detected in one residence hall, and students remained in quarantine while testing occurred. Student cases increased to six, while employee cases decreased to zero. 

Wednesday, March 10: Student cases remained at six, while employee cases increased to one. 

Thursday, March 11: UNC Charlotte released an update on Tuesday’s residence hall testing. There were 78 COVID-19 tests administered of students and staff in the impacted area (93% of the population), resulting in zero positive results and testing continued. Student cases decreased to five, and employee cases fell to zero. 


Friday, March 12: Student cases decreased to three, while employee cases remained at zero. 

Saturday, March 13: Student cases decreased to one, while employee cases remained at zero.

Sunday, March 14: Student and employee cases were at zero. 


In total, there have been 38,232 tests administered on campus, resulting in a 1.9% positivity rate, which is very low compared to recent rates. The total number of confirmed positive cases since July 1 is 2,059, with 112 of them being employee cases and 1,947 student cases. Ten on-campus residents are currently being quarantined and/or isolated. 

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