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Over the past six days, four residence halls have undergone testing and one off-campus cluster has been identified. In total, there have been 152 new positive student cases this week. As of Nov. 22, there are 81 active on-campus cases of COVID-19. 

Monday, Nov. 16: The presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was detected in the wastewater of two on-campus dormitories. As a result, residents were asked to remain in their buildings and await testing. UNC Charlotte announced 27 positive cases on this day. 

Tuesday, Nov. 17: The University reported 33 new positive student cases and 1 positive employee case. 

Wednesday, Nov. 18: Two additional residence halls were put in quarantine after the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in their wastewater. The University has completed 82% of their testing in one of the two target areas, resulting in a positivity rate of less than 2% and no detected clusters. The individuals who tested positive were isolated and treated with the proper medical care, according to a NinerNotice. In total, there was a peak of 39 cases on this day. 

Thursday, Nov. 19: After completing most of their testing of the three residence halls, the University found that one of the residence halls had a positivity rate under 1%, while the other two had positivity rates of less than 3%. In two of the residence halls, clusters of five people were detected and the individuals were isolated. There were 25 positive cases in total reported on Thursday. 

Friday, Nov. 20: Through the use of the Niner Health Check, the University identified an off-campus cluster of 11 students in a private residence. The daily number of positive cases decreased slightly to 18 cases. 

Saturday, Nov. 21: The University reported 13 new positive cases of COVID-19. 

Sunday, Nov. 22: By Sunday, there continue to be no new announcements as students prepare to return home for the upcoming holidays. There were only seven positive cases on this day. 

In total there have been 16,048 tests administered on campus, resulting in a 2% positivity rate. This is the highest the positivity rate has been since the beginning of the semester. The total number of confirmed positive cases since July 1 is 895, with 82 of them being employee cases and 813 being student cases. Currently there are 81 active on campus cases. In total there are 31 on-campus residents who are being quarantined and/or isolated.


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