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Over the past nine days, UNC Charlotte has tested four residence halls and identified two clusters in the Athletics Department, one involving football and the other involving baseball. As of Nov. 11, there are 33 active on-campus cases of COVID-19. 

Wednesday, Nov. 11: Levine Hall residents were asked to quarantine pending negative COVID-19 test results after the virus that causes COVID-19 was detected in the dorm’s wastewater. This marked the second time that Levine residents had been tested, and the ninth time since Oct. 2 that the University tested an entire residence hall. 

Tuesday, Nov. 10: 49ers Athletics announced a cluster of eight cases in the baseball team. All baseball activities have been suspended until further notice.

Friday, Nov. 6: 49er Athletics announced a cluster of seven cases involving students and staff on the football team. Charlotte was set to travel to Middle Tennessee for a Conference USA contest on Saturday, but the game was postponed.

Wednesday, Nov. 4: The University announced via NinerNotice that three residence halls were undergoing COVID-19 testing after SARS-Cov-2 was detected in the wastewater. This marked eight residence halls to be placed under quarantine and undergo testing since Oct. 2, when Holshouser Hall became the first to undergo testing. Since then, Levine, Lynch and Laurel halls were all tested. The remaining three have yet to be identified, though unconfirmed reports rumor they are in Greek Village. 

70% of tests were completed the next day with no identified positive cases. Although those who tested negative were cleared to return to normal activities, 30% had yet to receive results. The University has not released the positivity rate of the remaining 30% of tests.


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