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Although the University did not announce any new clusters or residence halls undergoing testing during this period, the total amount of COVID-19 cases at UNC Charlotte continues to climb. In total, there have been 71 new positive student cases this week. This is a noticeable decrease from last week’s staggering 152 positive cases. As of Nov. 23, there are 65 active on-campus cases of COVID-19. 

Monday, Nov. 23: There were no specific announcements provided by the Niner Health Check; however, there was a spike of 20 student cases and one employee case. 

Tuesday, Nov 24: Student cases continue their steady rise, reaching 18 cases on this day while employee cases rest on one positive case. 

Wednesday, Nov. 25: Student cases begin to drop, reaching ten cases on this day while employee cases remain at one positive case. 

Thursday, Nov. 26: While student cases continue to drop to only three positive cases, employee cases rise to two cases. 

Friday, Nov. 27: Student cases rise back up to six cases on this day, while employee cases dropped to zero. 

Saturday, Nov. 28: While employee cases remain at zero, there were nine student cases on this day. 

Sunday, Nov. 29: Student cases fall to five positive cases, while employee cases increase to one. 

In total, there have been 17,863 COVID-19 tests administered on campus, resulting in a 2.3% positivity rate. The positivity rate continues to be the highest it has been since the beginning of the semester. The total number of confirmed positive cases since July 1 is 943, with 89 of them being employee cases and 854 being student cases. There are currently 12 on campus residents who are being quarantined while eight are being isolated and receiving proper medical care.


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