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In light of COVID-19, UNC Charlotte has joined many universities in giving students the option to forego letter grades and instead receive a “Pass” or “No Credit” in the undergraduate case and a “Pass” or “Unsatisfactory” in the graduate case.

Most important things to know: 

  • Whether a student wishes to accept their letter grade or change to Pass/No Credit or Pass/Unsatisfactory, the student will need to confirm a decision for each course. 

  • All students will have from May 12 through June 1, 2020, to make their decision of the Pass/No Credit or Pass/Unsatisfactory option. The requests will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.  

  • Students will find the form to make their decisions located in their Banner Self-Service. 

  • Every major was sent an email from the Lead Academic Advisor or Department Advisor to their UNC Charlotte email with advice on how to decide. A Niner Central Notice was also sent out with information on the form process to make a decision for each of your classes. 

  • UNC Charlotte Academic Policy and Procedure strongly encourages that students consult with their advisor, program coordinator, department chair or college dean if there is any concern about how this decision could impact future study, professional school admission or licensure.

Undergraduate students need to choose if they want to keep their letter grades or utilize the Pass/No Credit option. If the Pass/No Credit option is chosen, grades of A, B, C and D will be converted to a Pass and a grade of F will be listed as No Credit. A Pass will meet the prerequisites and the progression towards a major, minor and/or general education requirements. If the Pass/No Credit option is chosen, GPA will not be affected. Additionally, courses that are chosen to be Pass/No Credit will be excluded from the maximum of four attempts to pass a class. 

Graduate students have the option to choose the Pass/Unsatisfactory or to keep their letter grade for the spring 2020 semester. A Pass grade is an A, B and C. An Unsatisfactory is a D and F.

According to Dean Tom Reynolds of the Graduate School, “A grade of "U" would result in suspension or termination. Graduate Programs will allow the "P" to be acceptable for any course required to progress in the degree.” 

A Pass grade will not affect graduate students’ GPA, but an Unsatisfactory grade will. If a decision is not made for each course by June 1, the original grade that was posted will remain. 

There are a few exceptions to consider when deciding to choose the Pass/No Credit option. The GPA requirements to gain entry or continue in certain majors will need a letter grade rather than the Pass/No Credit option. The Honors Program typically requires letter grades, but under special circumstances that require a recommendation from the director of the Honors Program and approval from the Honors Council, there may be permission granted to take the Pass/No Credit option. 

Pass (P)/No Credit (N) will not affect the financial aid eligibility for students who are in good academic standing. If a student wishes to choose an incomplete rather than Pass or No Credit, this decision will be at the discretion of the instructor. For the Spring 2020 semester only, the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists will be available for eligible students who earned at least 9 credit hours in the courses that received letter grades of A, B or C. 

For additional FAQs, please visit this website: Pass/No Credit Option Available to Students for Spring 2020

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