dick and gabi

Thursday, April 8, Richard “Dick” Beekman and Gabi Hitchcock were confirmed as the student body president and vice president for the 2021-2022 academic school year. Beekman was president pro tempore of the Student Senate, and Hitchcock served as committee chair for the Internal Affairs Committee. Out of the 1,493 votes cast, Beekman-Hitchock received 977, while Williams-Perez received 539.

Shortly after their win, Beekman took to Twitter to say, “Gabi and I are so thankful for everyone’s support throughout a long race. We’re excited for the challenges that lie ahead and promise you that in all that we do, we will always put students first.”

“This wasn’t our first rodeo. Gabi and I were both involved in the student body elections last year,” said Beekman to the Niner Times in regards to their campaign.

“More importantly, this isn’t our first rodeo with COVID,” added Hitchcock, “we had gone home in the middle of it, so it was a good experience to have.”

When the election results were announced, Hitchcock was at work on FaceTime with Beekman who was driving around.

“People started calling me, I guess it was lagged. I started crying at work, and my boss came in,” said Hitchcock.

“I’m still not sure if my answer is sentimental or creepy,” Beekman added.

“I was driving around and realized I was near my childhood home. I thought it might be a nice moment to be sitting near my childhood home while the results came in,” said Beekman, “so I am not sure what it looked like to neighbors.”

“It was a special moment, but probably a strange one for anyone who looked out their window,” joked Beekman.

The team has not been able to celebrate but did share some kind words for one another and the campaign.

“We went into this with a really strong plan and vision for what we wanted to accomplish and how we wanted to connect with students,” added Beekman.

“My strengths match his weaknesses and vice versa,” said Hitchcock.

“When Dick became involved with Student Government, I knew that man was going to be president someday,” added Hitchock.

“We are super excited and thankful for this opportunity. We are looking forward to being able to work on behalf of the student body, and we are so excited for everything that is to come in this next year,” said Beekman.

At their first official SGA meeting, on Thursday, April 15, Beekman and Hitchcock already approved two acts, the Special Election Authorization Act I and the Safety Appreciation Act. The Special Election Act works to fill any vacant seats in the Fall 2020 elections, while the Safety Appreciation Act expresses gratitude to the Office of Safety and Security. The Beekman-Hitchcock cabinet was also confirmed at this meeting, including Matt Ramsay as the Chief of Staff, Nathan Liland as the SGA Liaison and Jeremiah Willims, Beekman-Hitchcock’s previous competitor, as the Secretary of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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