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With mitigation testing underway, students with on-campus obligations could be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test randomly throughout the semester. Students can receive a free test at the University’s testing center, or those with Student Blue–Blue Cross Blue Shield’s student insurance can receive complete coverage for COVID-19 testing at private testing sites.

However, while students do not need pre-approval from Blue Cross Blue Shield to receive coverage for testing, the test must be requested by a doctor or a provider on the student’s behalf. Additionally, to ensure students receive coverage, the testing site must be a provider that participates with Blue Cross Blue Shield, including but not limited to Carolina Medical Lab Group, Inc., Lab Corp Of America and Carolinas Medical Center Lab.

To find other participating providers, students can go here. Click ‘Find a Doctor or Facility,’ which will display a page with a ‘Browse by Category’ menu alongside a search box; make sure that the location above the search box in Charlotte. Click the ‘Browse by Category’ and select ‘Medical Specialities’ then ‘Diagnostics and Other Medical Services’ and finally ‘Labs.’ The result page provides a list of providers who participate in COVID-19 testing. 

Students can also call 1-(888)-351-8283 to find a participating provider. 

Regardless of insurance, UNC Charlotte students can be tested for COVID-19 on campus.

“We have testing on campus for all students, staff and faculty,” said Lacrissa Johansen of the Student Health Center. “Currently, there is no cost associated with the testing on campus. Testing is provided on campus to students, regardless of what or if they have health insurance, and it will be provided at no cost at this time. They have to report having symptoms or come in close contact with someone who tested positive. They cannot get a test because they want one.” 

For further information regarding Student Blue and other COVID-19 related resources, visit, or call 1-(888)-351-8283. 

For insurance and other COVID-19 related questions, students may also contact Lacrissa Johansen, (704)-687-5873 or email her at

Other inquiries can be directed to UNCC Student Health Center, (704)-687-7400.

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