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On April 8, Dr. Jennifer Webb was announced as a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Webb first joined UNC Charlotte in 2007 and has taught 12 different courses and developed two new psychology courses in her respective field of Health Psychology with a focus on adopting both interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives. 

“As a recipient of this year's [Board of Governors] award, it is such an incredible honor to have been selected to represent a sampling of what is reflected in the deeply-rooted value of providing high quality teaching and mentoring embodied by my colleagues at UNC Charlotte,” said Webb.

“Especially at a time like we have all been experiencing such a major upheaval to our daily lives, it has been so inspiring to witness how we have all rapidly shifted to continue to meet the needs of our students as best as we can. Through emails and Canvas communications and remote video-based platforms we have prioritized staying connected and engaged in bolstering student learning and support.”

The award was founded in 1933 and is presented by the UNC Board of Governors to 17 professors from each of the UNC System universities who have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to their respective institutions.

UNC System Interim President Bill Roper said in a press release that the award “represents the best of the UNC System and is another reminder of the high-quality education that our students receive.”

Each recipient also receives a bronze medal as well as a $12,500 cash prize. The recipients will be honored at a later date determined by their respective universities. 

As my lucky 13th year at the University comes to a close, I continue to be very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to learn from and be challenged by my students to keep growing and to be a member of the greater UNC Charlotte family,” said Webb.

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